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na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN Mr. Stinkhead scores the Movie Masters Batman and the 1966 George Barris Batmobile (1:18 scale!). Sweet!
This Batman looks real... DC Direct's Deluxe Collector's Batman stands at 13" tall, and is one of the best Batman figures to date. (I mean ever)
score! Lando takes the pole down to the LEGO Batcave
You're braver than I thought Stinkhead is silently stunned by the growth spurt that is 400% Kubrick Batman and Han Solo (as Stormtrooper)
c...c for catwoman Mr. Stinkhead builds the Batmobile dragster/Catwoman Pursuit LEGO set.
I'm turning Japanese Jager takes a look at the oldie but goody Batman Kubrick box set.
Why Bruce Wayne... why are you wearing Batman's mask? Lando builds the Batmobile with the first of the LEGO Batman sets.
no junk in the trunk Mr. Stinkhead massages his eyeballs with the Corgi Batmobile based on the current comics. Also win the 1940's Batmobile!
He gave us this... Mr. Stinkhead finally gets his Batsignal and Attack Armor Batman figures. Super articulated and practically impossible to get ahold of. Also WIN SCARECROW
I know the Batmobile, you're no Batmobile humminahWe look at two Batmobiles in dueling reviews. Batman Begins vs the 1:18 Scale Batmobile, 11" of die-cast goodness.
you're old dude Check out the new Batman Begins action figures, including Scarecrow. And takes a look back at Mego Batman
Turn around, wash your-- Mr. Stinkhead takes a look at two 12" Batman figures. Action Cape Batman, and the comic-styled KB exclusive.
No, I'm Batman! Mr. Stinkhead kicks off Batweek early with Microman Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman.
This is SU SU SUDIO Lando scores the Battle Gear Batman from the upcoming Batman Begins line.
Call to action Here is a free Batsignal inspired tshirt you can print out and iron on. (or buy if you're lazy, I mean generous!)
I'm Batman! Mr. Stinkhead scores with the vintage 1989 Movie Batmobile, complete with Batman!
To the Batcave Robin! Mr. Stinkhead puts together the Minimate C3 Batcave.
Atomic batteries to power Mr. Stinkhead puts together the large Batmobile C3 Minimate set.
I'm coming commissioner Stinkhead reviews the all new Kids' WB cartoon, The Batman, and looks at their killer press kit.
Where does he get all those wonderful toys? Mr. Stinkhead finds, possibly, the coolest C3 playset yet... the Joker's Chemical Warehouse
not Barris, but alright Stinkhead drools over the 1966 Batmobile, and the Corgi and Johnny Lightening models.
not Barris, but alrightStinkhead gives the brand new Mattel Batmobile a test drive
wanna see my batpole?Lando spelunks the 42" Mattel Batcave from The Batman
biiiiig pennyJager explores the Batcave from Hot Wheels.
up in the air, junior birdmanStinkhead kicks off Bat-Week with a look at the C3 Batwing and Batglider (with Catwoman minimate).
diabolicleMr. Stinkhead puts together the new C3 (DC Minimates) Mini Batmobile and Throne Room with Batman, Robin, Superman and Darksied.

yes commishioner!'s Bat-Stuff!

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