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Build a scale model Craps Table
with Mr. Stinkhead

Click to see!The Princess of Power and I just got back from Las Vegas and we completely fell in love with the craps table. Roulette sucked our money, black jack wasn't too friendly, but we loved betting hard earned money on the roll of the dice. I thought my playmobil (and other 3 inch scale) action figures shouldn't be left out. I could probably be convinced to upsize everything 200% to make it 6 inch scale.

Click to see!This actually turned out alright. Some minimal gluing. I recommend rubber cement and I recommend printing on solid sheet card-stock. (Solid-sheet meaning no pre-cut perforations. But post card or business card weight will work great). They have this available at office supply stores (and probably office supply cabinets).

After making this, check out my First Trip to Vegas write up.

If you want to link to me great! But please link to this URL, not the PDF directly.

What You Will Need
2 sheets card stock | Printer | Scissors | Hobby knife | Glue or rubber cement

1. Print
Place two sheets of solid-sheet card stock into your printer. (around business card thickness) Here's an example for $5

Click the thumbnail on the right. This requires Adobe Acrobat.

Go into Print Set-up and double check that it's going to print out landscape (long ways). Also, you may want to check that "Scale to fit" is unchecked.

There are sufficient directions on the print-out for assembling the craps table.

click here to download the 1.6 Mb PDF
Click to download.
Make sure your printer is set to "Landscape" printing.

You may want to print a second copy on plain paper as a reference.

2. Cutting
Carefully use scissors or a hobby knife to cut out each piece. Kind of keep an eye on what piece goes with what letter.

There are dotted lines that you need to slice before you start assembling. The only dotted lines you DO NOT SLICE are the ones on the chip stacks or On/Off puck (G and I).

The areas you do need to slice are clearly marked.

Click to see!

3. Table Legs
Slide tab 1 (from the right side of the table) into the center slot (1) of part J (brown table).

Gently bend the table wall to place the side tabs (2 & 6) into the other two slots. You may want to lightly pinch the corners just enough so they curve, but don't crease.

The brown table legs should match the curve and fit snuggly around the rounded corner of the green table.

Repeat with part K on the opposite side of the table. If you did it right, you'll notice that the "dip" in the middle is higher on the side above the Millionaire Playboy logo. The tab and slot numbers should match.

DO NOT fold down these brown tabs. We want them to stick out straight, as this will serve as the drink shelf. You gotta have some place to put your cocktail.

Click to see!
Click to see!
Click to see!

Lift up the part of the table covering the white circle on J and K. Brush a small amount of rubber cement (or glue stick) on those white dots. Press the piece that naturally lands on top to attach.

I personally recommend rubber cement. The best method for rubber cement is to brush on a light amount to the two surfaces that are going to be attached, let them air dry (1 minute or so) and then press them together.

Click to see!

Fold the tabs on parts F and E 90° so they appear as the picture on the right. Lightly brush rubber cement on the back (non printed side) of the tabs.

Lightly brush rubber cement on the entire surface of the inner wall (non printed side) of the tub area.

Gently rest the railings on the two ends, firmly pressing the tabs onto the inner walls.

Click to see!
Click to see!
Click to see!

Lightly apply rubber cement to the back of the green "spikey" bumpers (B & C) allow to dry and then apply to the two inside ends of the table. The slope will line up with the "short" side of the table (side below the MPb logo).

Click to see!
Click to see!

Dealer's side wall
Slice the dotted lines around the "chip stack" on the dealer's board (H). Carefully cut out the stack of chips (G). Fold the top and sides in to make a 3 sided box.

Carefully connect the box (G) to the dealer board (H) by putting the tabs through the slits you just made. Once through the slits, fold the tabs down so the back of (H) is flat.

Click to see!
Click to see!

Inside walls
Put a light coat of rubber cement on the back of the dealer's board (H) and the mirror (D). It doesn't matter which side is "up" on the mirror.

Line up the dealer's board so that the tab from the chip stack (G) fits into the last slit on the table (A). If you can't get it through, simply fold the tab under.

Press both the mirror and the dealer's board to the walls, and you're done. Round up some figures, give them some money to bet with and collect. Your players can rest their drinks on the drink ledge going around the table.

Click to see!
Click to see!
Click to see! Click to see!Click to see!
Click to see! Click to see!Click to see!

Model craps table (PDF and the design within) and photos ©2005 None of this content may be distributed or altered in anyway without linking to this page and including the URL "". Please contact us for permission or questions.

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