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ha ha, you're pink... GAAHHHH Jager approaches but then runs from the Animatronic Gloomy Bear.
bork bork bork Jager doesn't get even, he gets Mad*L phase 3
roger roger Jager shrinks down to check out the Star Wars Kubricks (from Phantom Menace) and some Super Deformed Minis
Hey Mr. DJ Jager gets down and boogies with Erick Scarecrow's Dizign
tobor is ROBOT spelled backwards! Jager looks at the NYCC08 Exclusive Tobor. Complete with brain bubble!
s'more lenore Jager gets a little creepy with Dark Horse's Lenore PVC and vinyl toys.
In love with Firewoman Jager explores the spooky legend of David Horvath's Mothman
Boba Fett? Where? Jager can store a Fett load of info on the USB drive Mimobot Boba Fett
OM Nom nom nom nom Jager finds a cornucopia of artists represented in the Vivisect Playset minifigs
I scream Jager gets to the heart of the matter with Super7's Visighost.
Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh How does Jager fair when surrounded by the delicious clear vinyl from Ghost Land and Super7?
it burns, it burns! Jager feels the glow from the post-nuclear, Gary Panter Jimbo
Click now for your chance to win a Jimbo!
awwwwwwwwwww Jager doesn't know whether to cuddle or run from the new I.W.G. Babies
my other favorite V word Jager zips around town with the new Vespa outfitted IWG Mod Squad
kill kill kill Jager runs and hides from the awesome Deathbot from Gama Go. GO NOW
oh Fatty McGee... you're the fattest Jager cracks open the crusty exterior of Sideshow Toys' Russian stacking doll-esque
I brain'd her. Jager gets devilish with STRANGEco's Luey.
M-I-C Jager has a conducts the "Battle of the Cartoon Kubricks" from Medicom.
I see these all the time Oooh! It's I.W.G.'s ultralimited Nehanda from Rocketworld and
do you see any pink elephants? Jager ducks for cover with two new I.W.G. creatures added, Burnum and Candace.
They call me mellow orange... that's right Jager lumbers around with a variety of Christopher Lee's Mellow.
watch out for doozers Jager gets back to his "roots" with the beet lovin' Cleabus from Christopher Lee and Wheaty Wheat.
a pirate's dream? Yo ho! Guess who washes up on the sandy shores of Jager's abode! It's Sailor Babo!
cobra commander? Who are these strange Cosmo-Knots from UNKL Brand? Jager attempts to discover why they're here.
mine Does Jager gets his way when looking at Bossy Bear? New from David Horvath, the creator of Ugly Dolls.
He excells at that sir Jager is transporting secret plans on the USB flash drive Mimobot decorated like R2-D2.
You can even win one now!
yo ho! Jager gets down to it with Decode Entertainment's Dudson's Modern Tales.
Cow-ntess! Jager milks these cow jokes for all their worth in his review of STRANGEco's Moofia line.
good for others' fartsJager dives in with the new HazMaPo B1.2 from UNKL Brand
this... is... SCARYJager has a chance for you to win a doodled-on Veil: Specimen 129 from Jermaine Rogers!
maybe the next movie??Get ready to launch the IWG Rocket from RocketWorld and STRANGEco.
New York Comic ConOur man Tuxxer is on the scene at the New York Comic Con 2007. Check out all the designer vinyl.
I can't hear the sound of the engine over all your yappinJager's hairs stand up on end in the face of the fierce Yira.
Drop in!Jager is ready to lick the very limited APT 06 MAD*L that glows in the dark!
Can't bare any more bear driving car jokes Can you barely stand the cold? Then get your paws on the Creature Hoodie from Rocketworld!
Goodmornin! Tell your sister... you were right. The seventh series of Star Wars Kubricks (Return of the Jedi) are sweet.
wind in the willows?Jager lifts up the skirt on Mr. Bumper to see what the great mystery is.
enemyJager gets to the point with the Envirob/Enemy from Medicom Toy
Frankenmonkey Jager examines the glowing Brain of the Atomic Monkey’s Franken Monkey
it is the kicking penguinJager goes to town and gets happy with Friends With You's Malfi.
hazmat? Jager can handle the downright dangerous with UNKL Brand's Junpo
The Man of BrickJager finds hope with the newly stateside Superman Returns Kubrick/Bearbrick two-pack.
Bennzi come homeJager doesn't get all bent out of shape with STRANGEco's Bennzi.
I think I feel a little fuzzyJager is on the hunt with the all new IWG figures from Rocketworld, Sasquatch and Yeti!
Show us your teats wooo hoooo!Jager takes STRANGEco's Mozzarella by Tokidoki to school.
Thinking outside of the box Jager seeks out new life and new civilizations with the SDCC Exclusive Invisible Plan mini figs.
'ello! Jager digs into the subterranean ZLIKS from Andrew Bell and Wheaty Wheat.
Where are you taking this....thing? Jager gets warm and fuzz with the new vinyl Treeson
Where are you taking this....thing? Jager examines the new 6th series of Star Wars Kubricks
You're braver than I thought Stinkhead is silently stunned by the growth spurt that is 400% Kubrick Batman and Han Solo (as Stormtrooper)
Slowskis? Jager comes out of his shell to test Jeremy Fish's Turtlecamper
Don't get Mad*l Jager gets inspired by the Mad*L Artist Series
kneval! Jager scrunches up his face and looks at SKET 1's Ci Boys brings on, many changes. And I can take or leave it I try. Jager feels the pain with the 8" Doma Dunny.
I'm not chocolate Jager interviews Ugly Doll creators David Horvath and Sun Min Kim.
does your face hurt? Cuz it's killing me Keith Brammer sends us his photos from the Save Huck custom Munny exhibition at MODA3.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Mr. Stinkhead customizes a Munny for the Save Huck Custom Munny Exhibit and auction.
ith thith really nethethary? Jager mixes and matches and takes in the Neth Creatures
sandbags??! Jager tries not to go cross eyed checking out Ron English's Rabbbit
I see you! Jager has just one opinion about the Two-Faced Dunnys by David Horvath
blar blar blar blar blar blar! Jager slinks away from the shadow of the mighty TENTIKILL from Go Hero.
boppin' em on the head Jager sees the 2-D eerily come alive with Wheaty Wheat's Mr. Bunny designer vinyl
Input! Jager stores all of his digital goodies in a designer toy! Check out the USB enabled Protobot0 from Mimoco.
Like, Oh my God! Jager learns a thing or two about fashion from Vice Magazine's Do's and Don'ts designer vinyls.
celebs! Guest reporter Iron-Cow hits up the custom Munny Show in NYC. Celebs, cool figures, and loads of pics!
now in pocket size! Jager shrinks his love for Rocketworld's Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo with the new IWG Minis!
I don't look like Stitch Jager tries to contain the Behemoth's Alien Hominid figures.
I need some chap stick. For my head Jager miniaturizes the Star Wars universe in style! with the Kubricks and Ci Boys Star Wash figures.
Watch your language in front of the lady PUNK! Jager and Stinky hit the big Apple to check out the 100 Circus (Punks) Rule NYC show.
I seeeeee you... duh Jager marks his observations of the new vinyl beauty from Mars-1 and STRANGEco, The Observer.
How can you see me? I'm invisible Jager looks at the latest from Mars-1 and STRANGEco's Invisible Plan minifigs.
initiate docking sequence Jager chats with Glen Liberman, aka Android 8, about vinyl toys, family and the future.
initiate docking sequence Jager explores Android 8 and Unkl Brand's Octopo. What a sweet robot!
this stuff freaks me out Jager cuddles up with Scott Musgrove's Booted Glamour Cat.
this stuff freaks me out Jager chats with the man behind the Glamour Cat, artist Scott Musgrove.
I spotted you looking at me Jager gets wraps up Rocket World's I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo with Astrid, Desmond and Irra.
meooowrrrr Jager gets cuddly with Cosmic Quigly Check out his review and even win one!
LUCHADORE Jager doesn't get angry, he's MAD*L
I'm weird Jager checks out Pete Fowler's interchangeable Monsterisms.
ooh la la Jager chats with David Horvath and Sun Min Kim and looks at the new UglyDog plush.
got something for me to tag? no? Jager explores the mystery that is kidrobot's kidbomber
I'm creepy Jager gets freaked out with the new Jermaine Rogers' Dero Bears from StrangeCo and Wootini.
I smoked Peter Cottaintail's ass Jager celebrates Easter the way it should be done, with designer urban vinyl. Check out the Silly Pink Bunny Van from StrangeCo.
Check out the coverage of all the new designer toys at Toy Fair
I'm a big ole jerk too Jager gets to the point with pyramid headed Mr. Oneman.
You otter check out this article Jager gets three more vinyl figures from Rocket World's I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo.
POW Jager tries on the plush Tim the Enchanter's Hat from MP's Holy Grail.
mmmmmmmmm meat Jager is on the hunt for the Bionic Sasquatch vinyl from Eye Witness
hunka hunka burnin' squid Jager gets all shook up with the Elvis themed Cthulhu plush. Wha??
aaaaaaaargh Jager runs in fear from Monty Python's Black Beast of Argh by Toy Vault.
Houston... we have a vinyl problem Jager examines the mysterious Mars-1 vinyl toy from Strangeco.
Boooooooooooooo! Jager hunts after Toy Vault's new plush Jabberwock.
Funny show lol Nakanari gives Mr. Stinkhead the chance to check out the B.B.Birdy figures from the Funny Club Show.
Who you callin' Chump; CHIMP Jager gets a look at Affonso and Hannibal from the Rocket World's I.W.G. vinyl line.
picinic basket...nowJager stands up for bear arms everywhere with the new Titus vinyl toy.
bear or robot? How can this be?Jager explains what is up with the urban vinyl trend.
SWEET!Make your own toy creation a reality with SubCultures Design's Create-A-Mate competition.
I pitty the foo!Jager corrupts young children with the very odd plush Friends With You.
cut...duh...mullet!Jager takes a long and short look at the Mulletheads.
GodizrraJager reviews the new plush Godzilla and Rodan.
Renaissaince is nighThe SubCultures show opened on Friday. Click for the full story and pics.
run awayJager recommends the Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth (from Holy Grail) as a good Valentine's Day present.
can't get enough of itR Hunter gets the lowdown on women, expressing yourself, and livin' large with Star Wars remixer SuperGenius aka Suckadelic.

  Places to go

  • Check out Omni-Monster Blog for all things Kaiju (city-crushing monster)

  • courtesty Kidrobot.comSubcultures: the Art of the Action Figure is a touring show featuring the best in Urban Vinyl and other Designer Toys. Is it coming to your town? If not, write your local Art Council!! Look for it this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con

  •, for a great site covering all things Michael Lau check out this great fansite.

  • Kid Robot has original Lau and other great artists' work. They have an extensive online store and two retail locations in NYC and San Francisco.

  • Achy Breaky loves their Mulletheads, and so do I. Check out what this company has cooking.

  • Strangeco joins forces with artists and helps produce their art. It's a beautiful thing.

  • Friends with You focuses on the softer side of things. After all, it kinda hurts to hug plastic.

  • Critterbox also delves into the bizarre.

  • Rocket World is making a statement with their I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo. See what it's all about.

  • Sweaty Frog sells many popular, and unique designer toys.

  • Tranimals, each one hand produced by the artist, are coming to stores soon.

All names and likenesses are copyright their respective owners. All photos are © 2003, 2007 and may not be reproduced without permission. Have you tried asking?

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