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Click to see!Kaiju Big Battel Boston Screening
Review by: Sancho

On September 30th, the first ever Kaiju Big Battel DVD Terebi Sento was released unto the masses. The DVD, which has been in the works for about 2 years, signifies not only Studio Kaiju's first step into the world of DVD production, but it also represents Kaiju's first step in a nationally promoted product. Seeing this as a monumental occasion, Studio Kaiju decided to rent out an old theater that looks a lot like the theater used to film the old Muppet Show.

When I got there, there was literally no one there (that's what I get for showing up 4 hours early :\ ). People didn't know what to expect as far as a crowd goes, the morning of the event it was promoted in the Boston Globe, but seeing how it's a Midnight show some fans may be detoured from attending. But as the hour hand drew closer to midnight, the line grew to go all the way down the alley way and around the corner.

When midnight struck, the eager and cold crowd ran upstairs to secure their preferred seats in the theater. I decided to head down to the front row, that way it would be easier for me to get to and from my seat, as well as make shadow puppets in the front of the screen. The crowd didn't have to wait long for Jingi to come down and address the crowd. Suddenly a commotion was heard from the back of the theater. It turns out Kaiju's newest rogue monster, Vegetus, was poking his head around. Vegetus seemed to be a happy monster, patting people's head and whatnot, and made his way up to the front of the stage.

Click to see!Suddenly, the door to the theater slammed open and in walked the infamous Dr. Cube. Met with a mix of cheers and jeers, Cube walked down to the front of the stage. Cube was standing in the middle of the stage looking out into the crowd when Jingi told him he was in the way of the projector. Seeing that Jingi was right, Cube picked  him up, placed him infront of the projector, and proceeded to imitate Jingi by stomping his feet and pointing at the projector.

It was at this time Vegetus made his way to greet the front half of the stage. Suddenly Cube made a rush to Vegetus and stared him down. Then, as quickly as you can say Holy crap! Dr. Cube pushed poor Vegetus onto his giant turtleshell back and stormed off of the stage. Vegetus, with the aid of Jingi, made it back on his feet, and aided the crowd in cheering at the beginning of the DVD.

Click to see!As far as the DVD goes, I will keep it low-key because I know Jager plans on writing up his own DVD review. Mayhem in the Atrium 5 signified a change in the Kaiju Big Battel universe. No longer content with the poorly scripted and executed matches, Kaiju set themselves an ultimatum: Either the matches get better, or Kaiju is gone. And luckily for us, Mayhem in the Atrium 5 delivered some of the best storyline developments and matchups ever.

After the DVD was over, the lights went on and Jingi confirmed the rumors of there being two Brooklyn Battels, which got a rather large boo from the Hometown Crowd. However, there are rumors floating around about another battel before years end. Make sure to check for more info on upcoming Battels, the highly anticipated book, new T-shirts and other projects.

read all of our collected Kaiju KoverageYou can read Jager's review of the Terebi Sento DVD, and we asked for Dr. Cube's thoughts on the new DVD.

We covered the Philly Factory Fighto. has also interviewed Dr. Cube

All images © 2003 Sancho and may not be reproduced or distributed with out express consent from their author.

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