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Click herekidrobot's Labbit by Frank Kozik
with Jager

With Labbit, Frank Kozik gives us a new take on a familiar face. Where the usual Labbit is Snorkin' or rather smoking, this run is sweet and innocent. The Snorkin' Labbit's younger sibling if you will. Instead of the butt hanging out of the bunny's mouth, each toy comes with four accessories to mix and match. thought these cuties were worth checking out and I agree.

Click hereThe sculpt for the Labbit is basically the same as his near-do-well counterparts. Nice smooth, round edges are what this sculpt is all about. The ears are even a bulbous round form. It's all pretty symmetrical both from side to side and front to back, except for the ears on the front. There is very little paint apps with just the eyes and ever-present butthole being the only details (I was glad to see the butt was still there). There are three big differences from this toy and the older brothers. First the face is wide eyed and innocent instead of the rough eyes we're used to. Also, this Labbit's forehead is missing the "X" Kozik puts on most of his work. The second difference is the size. These are five inches long which is a good bit smaller than the bone Labbits and other Snorkin brethren. Finally, and most notably, are the accessories. There is a round hole for the mouth which holds various things. The Labbit shown comes with a pipe, pacifier, soda, and dynamite stick. But there are also two more variants. One with a moustache, bubblegum bubble, ice cream cone, and banana. And one with grass stem, gas mask, a popsicle, and hot dog. These are definitely a lot cuter and more suitable for kids than other Kozik toys. Plus, I can just see the customizer's mouths drooling over these already clean white Labbits ready for their paint!

Click hereTo me, Kozik seems to be poking fun at himself with these toys. It's possible that he's at a point where collectors are thinking that all he can do is put a cigarette in a toy's mouth and put an "X" on the forehead and call it done. In response he creates the cutest toy he can, and succeeds quite well with it. I think it is hilarious that he made these and while they are a fresh take on an old hat, they are definitely Kozik and would make a nice addition to a fan's collection as well as pull in new admirers.

Click herePick one of these cute Labbits up at They also have a great selection of Japanese toys and an ever growing Designer Toy section.

Frank Kozik is setting the toy world on fire! Check his site frankkozik.netsite for all the info.

If you like to read about Designer Toys (who doesn't?) check out our page that's full or reviews!

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