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Megabloks Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl Ship Playset
By Lando Da Pimp

Click meThe biggest film of the summer deserves a great toy line to accompany it. With a lack of desire to check out the action figures I couldn’t pass up Mega Bloks Black Pearl Playset. The Pyrates Dread Eye Phantom was one of the best sets Mega Bloks has produced lending itself to easily work with The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s former galleon, The Black Pearl, is now a 175-piece highly detailed playset with lots of features. An imposing 23 inches long the ship is a lot larger than it looks. Two launching cannons on either side of the ship launch cannon balls with a touch of a button. Those aren’t the only cannons on the ship! Below deck opening panels reveal cannons hiding the amount of armory on the ship. Hidden deck plates also open to lower decks. A pulley system connected to a treasure chest that sits on the ships crows nest. Similar to the Dread Eye Phantom the Black Pearl also uses real fabric sails.

Click meIf those features aren’t enough the biggest feature are the ships details. A lot of thought was put into the design. At the front of the ship on the bowsprit is the sculpture of the winged figure with dove. On the back of the ship is the Captains quarters decorated with three large lanterns in sculptural motive. Nothing was overlooked.

Click meMini-figures of Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Pintel are included. While the Will Turner figure resembles Orlando Bloom, I am really impressed with the Jack Sparrow designs likeness to Depp.

Overall I am very impressed with the details that Mega Bloks puts into the Black Pearl and the Dread Eye Phantom. They clearly paid attention to make this ship extraordinarily well designed. The Black Pearl is not as large as the Dread Eye Phantom possibly for cost reasons. I was also let down that the cloth sails were not as ragged as they should be from the film. Those are only minor critiques. The playset is a fun build and easily worthy of somebody’s collection.

You can Purchase the Black Pearl from Mega Bloks

For more information on additional sets, check out the official site.

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