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Mattels' MOTU MossMan
With Mr. Stinkhead

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click for largerWe're all familiar with Moss Man. He was one of my favorite Masters back in the day. Was is the operative word, because if you left him in the grass, the lawnmower showed no mercy. After a few days of searching, I found his head, on our back porch, spit out casually by my dad's mower.

Ok, enough crying on the inside, I'm no nancy boy (still up for debate). I am a sucker and picked up three MOTU figures by the deadline so that I could get the exclusive mail-away Moss Man. There were all kinds of debates over Mattel's handling of this one. I personally found it to be a productive way to get some of the pegwarmers out of the way for new stock. However, I know the new stock is 14 Ice He-Man and 1 Man-E-Faces, but they're working on that. But you know all this, you're reading this because your morning hinges upon my opinion of 6 inches of flocked plastic. Is that review for this website? Oh yes, yes.

click for largerFirst off the packaging is nice for something that technically doesn't need any. (I took Marketing 101), he's in a box rather than the traditional blister pack, but they put a small window on the top side, so if you kept him in his box to display, light would shine on him. It was easy to open, and OMFG no twist-ties. That whole twist-ties prevent movement during shipping is crap, it's pure anti-theft. Anyway, after I bust him open, I notice the lack of pine scent. Not even new toy smell.

click for largerHe's massive. I hadn't picked up a Beast Man, so I was impressed with the space he took up. The sculpted details are hidden under a nice even coat of flocking, but his posture is very dynamic. Good job Four Horsemen, this one stands up to the nostalgia vs. wow-me-with-something-new ratio. However, he used to be Moss Man, Heroic Spy, now he's KFC-boycotting, PETA sanctioned lover of all trees and furry animals Moss Man. C'mon....

click for largerI particularly like how the flocking gives him a nice clean afro. They also paid attention to not flocking the ball-jointed shoulders, allowing his action Hulk Smash™ feature to still work. He was a little tough to get balanced at first, but now he's standing firm, like the mighty oak I buried my original Moss Man under.

So when it comes down to it, yes, he was worth the $5 and the Orko, Tri-Klops, and Mek-A-Nek I added to the collection to get him. I will also be jonesing for the new sculpt Moss Man coming out sometime next year. But for now, I will be petting this one on the head, singing myself to sleep, protecting him from the vicious outdoors he is supposedly the guardian of. There are no lawnmowers inside, my precious Moss Man.

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Missed the boat on this one? You can make your own, follow the Guyver's recipe for Customizing your own Moss Man

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Article and photos © 2003

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