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SpacerPlaymobil, your toys' owner and lord supreme
By Mr. Stinkhead

Updated 6/30/03. Click on the blue links for pictures of each set.

I have a strong affinity for playmobil brand toys. It started back in 1982 when my father gave me the playmospace shuttle (3534) and astronauts. After I graduated college I bought the camping set (3844) to film a spoof of the Blair Witch Project. This brought me some international exposure and my collecting resumed when I started working at a dot com that encouraged action figures in the office.

The eclectic diversity in playmobil's entire catalog is the reason why I picked them as the focus of my collection. First off, playmobil is made in Germany, so a lot of the toys that they produce are deemed inappropriate to American parents, and rapidly become collector's items. Their inappropriateness is what makes playmobil the mother of all toys.

4524 ExecutionerThe first off-beat playmobil I had to get my hands on was the medieval executioner. Listed as axe man (4524) he comes with his hood of death and a gigantic axe for beheading dissenters to the throne. One of the best features is that when you take off the hood, there is that standard playmobil How the hell are ya?! head. Beautiful. This figure is particularly sought after because he is sweeter than Yoo-Hoo.

4561, or Devil (new pic) is hilarious. They market him in America as Halloween Costume, however all other playmobil Halloween costumes come with candy bags. Apparently devil action figures don't fly very well with Target executives. Side note, go to and try to access the German site from America... you'll get a pic of the devil taunting you because you are not German goodness.

The Ninja (4554), is so bad ass I don't even need to go into it. He is one of the few playmobil with Asian-style eyes and a fumanchu. And I made a cool faux-Japanese desktop wallpaper using this guy. Click here to download.

This McDonald's exclusive (new pic) from 1982 was recalled because the small parts did not pass the child hazzard choking standards implemented after these were through production. This is the reason that McDonald's now passes out toys for children under three. And that is a phatty-fat peace pipe, to boot.

The Fire Wizard, (3932) I'm at a loss for words...

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