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Click herespacerPlaymobil Haul
with Mr. Stinkhead

I don't typically go nuts on toy runs. Right now I am saving my expendable income for my upcoming trip to Europe and my wife's anniversary present. The last thing I need right now is to find this motherload of hard to find playmobil in a little toy shop in Virginia. Whoops. I just spent more money in one afternoon on a toy run then I ever have in my life. However it was vintage playmobil in mint condition. So you can excuse that. I mean, if I didn't buy it now, the only other way I'd ever see it again (much less available for sale) would be on eBay with competing bidders. So it was now-or-never. It just turned out to be a few now-or-nevers at once.

Click hereI have opened some of them. I typically open all the toys I get, only leaving a select few in packages. But when you drop a pretty penny on some 20 year old mint-in-box toy, you sleep on it for a few days before cracking the seal. So if I'm going to open the Weightlifter trailer, buffalo dancers or safari photographer has yet to be determined. If I do, you'll get a nice review and more pics.

Click hereI love the vintage Schaper sets because you can pose em, and then stick em back in the box. They have a series of these sets in uniformly sized boxes, so they look nice all displayed on a shelf. I did a full review of the Schaper Knights set earlier, and now you can see my photos of the Cavalry.

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The Blacksmith, circa 1977. My oldest playmobil. The box had been carefully opened before, but the bag is still sealed within! The sides. This box is pretty much mint. I found a loose but complete (more contemporary) version on eBay. So I don't need to open the old one.
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Buffalo Dancers, c.1989, just a beautiful set. The box is slightly bent, but sealed. Thanks Dad! I love the rear picture on this one. I almost prefer this to the current
I've wanted this hotdog cart for ages. I opened this one.
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Schaper's Calvary deluxe set, c.1980 These kids freak me out. Just think, they probably have kids this age now. Don't worry, I have all the accessories, but they're in a baggie.
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Safari Photographer and Monkeys, c.1985 - I'd rather be photographing foreign countries right now...escapist playmobil. Again, I wish they'd bring back scenes like this that subtly push "collecting 'em all" Another gift from my Dad—he spent time in Africa, and got me hooked on photography. So it's appropriate. Unlike that monkey's behavior!
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Weighlifter's trailer c.1991, I admit...I've never spent more money on a single toy in my life. I love this guy's muttonchops One day I hope to have a decent circus set up, until then this will stay MIB.
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Looks like the son does juggling or magic? Scarecrow c. 1985, I'm saving this one for a future set up in my cube at work. Details coming. And the little boy says "I hate you Mr. Scarecrow!"
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Snake Handler c.1991 - I'm halfway to having a Carnivale playset. Again, now I'm tempted to hunt down more circus. I had to open this one. She's kind of hot... I mean... what?
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Welder c.1995
it's Bill Hill
The flip top helmet is nice. Some photoshop fun

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