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Click here to openSpinjas™ were battling tops that were produced by Parker Brothers in the late eighties. The best part about these toys were that they were self contained, but highly playable. The arena contained all the needed pieces inside. Flip open the top, pick your fighters, load them into the power winders, and eject them into the arena. Last man spinning in the ring is the winnah! Classic.

Spinjas. HI!

SpacerYour introductory set came with the carrying case/arena (available in different colors), two spinners, and two Spinjas™. These two figures had a nice metal base and a cool sculpted top. The two that came with the set had different colored bases, I'm assuming for affiliation purposes. Steel tip players were the Eliminators™ while the brass tips were the evil Dread Force™. I purchased an accessory pack with seven additional fighters. They all, however, had the same colored base. So in my pocket fight club, affiliations be damned. I had to pop out the foam insert so I could fit all nine fighters within the case, but they did fit.

Spinjas. HI!


My brother and I would take this thing everywhere, and whenever we had a flat surface, we would battle it out. We had names for each one (long forgotten) and special training regimes we would put them through. We never had, nor needed the big Battle Stadium arena. It was about the size of a large salad serving bowl, and could pit up to all 24 of the produced Spinjas at one time.

Click for largerAnyway, they would spin at ludicrous speeds and hit each other. Pretty soon, one of them would fly out of the arena, or stop spinning altogether. Sometimes, after knocking out it's opponent. The red guy would do a victory lap around the arena. Bad ASS.

This toy was not a licensed property, there was no movie, cartoon or breakfast cereal. I liked that. They faded away before I was finished loving them, and they kept their dignity, their spinja honor by doing so.

Spinjas current incarnation are the BeyBlades but frankly, spinning disks do not hold a candle to these guys. Kids these days, they just don't know what they're missing.

I'm still looking, but here is the only official information on Spinjas™ I could find. Click here for the printed directions to the Battle Stadium game, now hosted by

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