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Palisades' Vaudeville Statler & Waldorf
2003 Comic Con Exclusive
by Mr. Stinkhead

click for largerIf you're looking for an impressively made toy that has great play value, great display value, and looks exactly like what it's intended to look like, you'd have a hard time finding something more perfect than Palisades' Muppet figure line. On the whole, each characters' likeness is nailed with an accuracy only Greedo could wish for. [Ed note: Instead of me making smart ass comments, I'm going to allow Statler & Waldorf to make comments, take it away...][Statler note: It's only the first paragraph and he's making a horrible nerd joke Waldorf: What... did you think he has any "good stuff" to save for the end?!]

click for largerThis twin pack was a Convention exclusive, not sold in stores, you could only pick up this set by attending a convention in person or off of eBay. There is a "standard dress" Statler & Waldorf set coming out next year some time, but for the convention circuit, they're decked out in vaudeville stripes, hats, and canes. [Statler note: I don't know who to be more embarrassed for, the people who don't know what vaudeville is, or the people who do. Waldorf: Doh ho ho ho ho ho!]

I'm going to skip packaging, because this is not the standard type of packaging the line on the whole uses, and really, if you get your hands on these, it's a sin not to bust them open and play with them.

click for largerSculpt and Articulation
Incredible. First off, I have to mention that the detail and likeness are dead on. This really looks like an exact, miniature replica of the infamous critics. If you told me they used RealScan to make these, I'd believe you. But they didn't. The artists at Palisades just put time and effort into making the figure look like the Muppet. There is light stippling to emulate the foam the Muppets were constructed of and the hands look like puppet hands. [Statler note: Wow, this guy sure is getting choked up about a bunch of felt and styro-foam. Waldorf: Don't even mention Dark Crystal if you don't have a degree in psychiatry]. If I'm known for anything within the industry, maybe it will be that I can balance anything. Check out the pic on the right... that wasn't easy.

click for largerThe articulation is unbelievable. Unbelievable in that the amount of ball joints and extra points of articulation, added just so you can get that perfect pose, is really above and beyond what I'm used to in a toy. The waist is a ball joint connected to the torso, however it's split in half so one leg can move independent of the other. There is a hinged ball join in the shoulder, followed immediately by a bicep joint, an elbow and then a wrist. Pretty impressive guys. [Statler note: Good God Man! It's an action figure! How come you can't come up with more than three words when describing your girlfriend?! Waldorf: Doh ho ho ho ho ho!]

click for largerPaint and Material
The paint matches the sculpt in level of effort and care spent in producing a quality figure. The colors match the original Muppets and they are a little more detailed than I've come to expect from a toy these days. I also like how the jacket part is a softer rubber, allowing for better mobility. The Pigs In Space Capt. Linkthrob has a cloth cape. Again, above and beyond what I've come to expect. All this and the prices are always very good.

click for largerSo not only can you play with these guys, you can stick them in a decent pose, and you'll be hard pressed finding someone who doesn't recognize and have fond feelings for The Muppets. These are perfect on your desk at work, or populating your shelves at home. Ok, ok, yes, I'm rushing through this review a bit. I really want you to play with the Statler & Waldorf's Insult-O-Matic I spent all this time making. It's easy. Click on the link, look up a web site, and go surfing... Statler & Waldorf will follow, adding their wit and charm to every page. If you can come up with some good ones for them to say, pop by the message board and add a few... I want to keep updating those. There's a new quip every 30 seconds or so.

Statler & Waldorf's Insult-O-Matic
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