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Toy Fair03Lando Da Pimp and Mr. Stinkhead roughed the blizzard to bring you pics and news for the upcoming toy year. It was a pretty sweet time, snow delays with standing. Ok, ok, here are the pics. Click on the bold blue words for pics.


Mattel's Masters of the Universe stuff is first.

click for largerAccording to Mattel, the upcoming Slime pit tested highest out of all toys for the boy market. No shit, this is simply one of the coolest playsets ever. A nice reimagining of the original Evil Horde ™ Slime Pit this new one is under Skeletor's control. The evil mutant figure included rises up from the slime, covered from head to... whatever he has. But it doesn't stop there, he's got a spring-loaded skeleton, so when He-Man chops him with his sword, he flies open, releasing his rubber slime covered guts onto everything in a 3 inch radius. Sweet. Also the platform at the top is loaded to collapse and dump whoever stands upon it when the secret lever is activated. Suggested retail price $26.99 Available July 03 (when the kids are out of school)

The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em® game uses the familiar them of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots® but with He-Man™ and Skeletor™ characters. Suggested retail price $10.99 Available July 03

And Holy Shit are you ready for this? We got a spy pic of one of the new characters coming out this summer, frickin' Roboto™. He has working gears you can see, and he's a great new vision of the classic character. His release date is not as of yet scheduled.
Read the original Masters of the Universe article here.


click for largerOk, whew, now we can do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The most impressive thing in the showroom was the new Sewer Lair playset. This thing is massive. 3 feet wide when unfolded and 18 inches high, this thing is packed. What? That 64K picture wasn't big enough to check out the nooks and cranies? This one is a little bigger, quit yer bitchin'. It's packed full of little trap doors and surprises. The best part is the platform at the bottom, you plug in any two TMNT figures you want and move the dials and they'll fight. There's also plenty of places to attach the zip line thing Raphael™ came with.

I am a little disappointed that most of the new figures on the horizon are extreme sports turtles. A little early to resort to those variants, but Playmates must know what they're doing. Anyway, the figure we're all waiting for is the new April O'Neil. She's not a reporter, but Baxter Stockman's assistant from the original comic. She comes with two Mouser figures. If they're smart, Playmates should have a web exclusive or something to just buy a set of 10-20 mousers to build an army. That would be sweet. April, Casey Jones and Hun will be available in June. Check out our TMNT article with comparison pics with the original figures.

Oh and over in the Simpsons' display I caught this spy pic of their upcoming Stephen Hawking in robo-chair.

Plan B Toys

Plan B Toys showed us their upcoming GameStop exclusive Special Forces: Mission III, the soon to follow SF: Emergency, and Special Forces: WWII. I'm looking forward to the Bomb Squad guy in the Emergency crew. Check out our recently added coverage of Mission II.

Stink Blasters

Read the Stink Blaster reviewOne of my absolute favorite new toy lines to come on the scene this year are the odoriferous Stink Blasters™ from MEG. Seriously, these little guys smell, they smell real bad. Check it out.


Fun yes, civilized no.As you may or may not know, photography is rarely allowed in the Javits Convention Center. We pleaded with the NECA folks for a couple of quick snaps. They made the T2 Endoskeleton bobbler head. Regardless, here is a great sign of things to come, the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story (you know, "You'll shoot your eye out!"). This baby is a full sized replica of the prop used in the film. It's just as beautiful as in the movie. Feeling up the lamp was not permitted. I had to get a pic of this old school Transformers lunch box. (Yes that is a GI Joe lunchbox off to the side). You may have heard of the full size replica of the Mohwak Gremlin they've produced. Well the Gremlin™ theme continues with some new action figures, such as my favorite, the Brain Gremlin, the Poker-playing gremlin from the original movie and Gizmo.

Tekky Toys

While trucking through the Javits Center we came across Tekky Toys. Their recent Pull My Finger ® Fat Bastard™ really cracked me up. Get in mah bellay!

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All characters and likenesses are copyright their respective owners. All photographs are coyprighted 2003 unless otherwise noted. All photos were taken with verbal authorization from the representatives.

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