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Photo Gallery
MegaMan, Street Fighter, table top arcade machine

click hereMr. Stinkhead
We had fun reviewing the first wave of MegaMan and MegaManX figures, they're well built, and they look great. We're looking forward to the next few waves to give us the characters we remember. We got to play the new video game, and check out their game-screen-inspired playsets that look faithfully like their 2D counterparts.

We're also looking to banging around their new line of tough vinyl figures.

I really dug their new table-top arcade machine. Costing a fraction of what it would to put a full-blown arcade cabinet in your home, put this on a bar or table, and you'll be wishing for your stack of quarters (but not need 'em of course). The first unit ships with NEO-GEO, other sets are planned for later this year.

Coolest thing about showroom: We finally got to meet R Hunter in person. We've talked to and worked with him for more than a year, but never met face to face. It was a good meeting. We hope to see you again sometime buddy.

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Photo Gallery
Star Wars, Harry Potter, City Life, Bionicles, Knights Kingdom

click hereLando da Pimp
The LEGO showroom was the best. We got a great tour and a great look at all the new lines. LEGO's Knights Kingdom won Boy Toy of the Year which was a big surprise. It is well deserved when we saw the upcoming Knights Kingdom sets. The Harry Potter and Star Wars lines look amazing and be on the look out for the biggest LEGO set ever, The Death Star.

Coolest thing about their showroom: The life sized Darth Vader model

Mr. Stinkhead
I loved the new web feature where you can build your own LEGO set in 3D, and then order the parts and directions needed to build your creation! If they do a Turbo Tax-style tally in the corner, that was my idea. Say you built a massive three story house, but it costs too much—take the deck off the back, and show me how much money I just saved.

Coolest thing about showroom: beaning executives in the head with the propeller things that fly off of the new Bionicles.

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Photo Gallery
Batman Begins, The Batman, JLA, Uh-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter, Robots

click hereMr. Stinkhead
I'm pretty excited for the Batman Begins movie. I like the new BB figures because they'd be perfect for my desk at the office. You never know when you'll encounter sticky fingers or clumsy cleaning crews. So for my taste, though you sacrifice a little detail, I like the durability and price. (I will probably hunt down a few DCD statues for my home however). Though I do not like the design of the new Batmobile SUV, I loved how the large sized playset folded up into a large Batmobile with working wheels.

I still dig The Batman look, and am more excited for the secondary characters than the Play-Doh-explosion-Batman variants. I really liked the new Triple Mission Batmobile that could be reconfigured into several builds due to the amount of pieces with magnets.

click hereYou should know that I'm a sucker for toy with one (or more) of these three things. A) I love all things squishy; B) Toys with a clear head (or brain) bubble; C) things that make noise. The new JLA figures are great and all, but I love the large Superman, throw his arms into flying position, hold him horizontally, and sound of ultra fast wind blowing (from the classic cartoons) comes out. Fantastic! This is great for board meetings that just...won't...end.

Coolest thing about showroom: Dan knew who exactly who we were, and showed us exactly what we wanted to see (my temper-tantrum over no MOTU last year had nothing to do with that).

click hereLando da Pimp
The Batman Begins line is the biggest disappointment. When you can get Batman figures as cool as DC Direct's; the Mattel line is childish looking. I will probably buy a Batman and a Scarecrow but the Batmobile looks awful. The Batman cartoon line is a joke. How many versions of Batman does a kid need? Don't get me started on Justice League. What is really funny is how Mattel is not putting out Harry Potter figures for the new film. After the last line I don't blame them.

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Photo Gallery
Building Block kits for all ages and skill levels

click hereLando da Pimp
I wish you could see the Skeleton Pirate Ship. I can't post the photos for a few weeks but this ship is huge. The body of the ship is made of bones and uses real fabric for the sails. Keep an eye out for the Pirate line, it's very impressive. I was hoping for another Star Trek set but there is none planned for the upcoming year.

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Photo Gallery
Scarface, Family Guy, Edward Scissorhands, Mez-Itz, Living Dead Dolls, VooDooz

click hereMr. Stinkhead
MezCo continues to impress us with their high quality, yet highly-stylized products. Everything from plush, to action figures, to licensed characters, to in-house properties, MezCo keeps the unexpected hits coming. Their wave of Family Guy figures continues with more secondary characters and variants of the core set. We're really pleased there's a going to be a Mayor Adam West figure this year! Also, a nice gift-pack of the core family will help out those who don't like to go on "the hunt" rounding out a collection. The gift box will feature all new head sculpts however, as not to blow off the fans from the beginning.

click hereI love the Alien Mez-Itz, and their line of horror characters keeps on coming with Leatherface and Freddy. A line of pirates, complete with pirate ship and skullfaced cove is an original property the artists developed on their own. They also developed the Defenders of the Dragon Mez-Itz with an oriental flavor. Kung-pow!

I'm not a giant plush fanatic, but the tiki-inspired VooDooz, complete with accessories and needles really caught my eye. I'm interested to see how these go. I like how someone who isn't heavily into the artist toy movement would like these just as much as your vinyl junkie.

I also have to mention the Edward Scissorhands Mez-Itz and plush. Though based on the popular movie, their look is like nothing you've seen before.

Coolest thing about showroom: Mez answering the door for us and then immediately saying "Hey, who's giving the millionaire boys the tour?"

click hereJager
Mezco's showroom is always impressive with a gallery like feel. This just makes the toys look that much better. The company has some great stuff coming this year, but we weren't allowed to shoot some of the nicest stuff. Anyway, trust me that something HUGE is coming down the pipe. Mezco picked up Edward Scissorhands and have MezItz coming based on the movie's characters. The best was the Inventor based on Vincent Price's likeness. It looks spot on. They also have a plush based on Ed ("Edward dear") with foam scissors that move. Family Guy has proven to be a healthy line for company and there's even more coming this year. The biggest is the two pack of Peter vs. the Chicken. It catches Peter in a flying kick coming at the Chicken. Both sport a black eye. But my pick of the line would have to be Mayor Adam West. This is the figure we've been waiting for. The Living Dead Dolls were creepy as ever and promise to be a big seller as always. MezItz are broadening the line past movie franchises and creating their own line of Samurais and Pirates. These guys are looking good and got me most excited of any MezIt yet.

Like I said, the secrets are going to bust soon, and when they do you'll say "Oh yeah! Jager said to watch for something! That must be it!"

Lando da Pimp
The Family Guy line looks like it is heading in the same direction of Playmate's The Simpsons line. They are creating the additional secondary characters giving the line a lot of possibilities.

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Photo Gallery
Muppets, Sesame Street, Adult Swim, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Die Hard, Invader Zim, action figures and mini-figs.

click hereLando da Pimp
The PALz line is going to be amazing. Be on the look out for the Die Hard line. The bloody feet John McClain and elevator goon are really unique. The X-Files PALz are also something to watch out for. The biggest news was the end of the Muppet Line. The good news is that Sesame Street line will be just as good as the Muppets.

click hereJager
There's some good news, and some bad news. Which do you want first? The bad news? Okay. There are only four more Muppet figures coming out. That's it. But the good news is that they are making Sesame Street figures with the same great quality! The first to hit is Super Grover. This blue furry super hero is a Con-Exclusive and comes with Super Groverís outfit and mild mannered reporter garb. There's also a phone booth that opens just like the real thing and dig this: the box art was painted by Alex Ross! Also coming is The Two Headed Monster, Ernie, Guy Smiley, and Oscar the Grouch. Seriously guys, these look great. It'll make missing the Muppets a little easier. The company also has great toys based on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim shows. There are Sealab 2021 figures, Harvey Birdman, and of course Aqua Teen Hunger Force figures. The cartoons are in the campy 70's style, so Palisades decided to make the toys in the same vein: Little articulation, clunky style, and bright colors. It works great in translating the cartoon into toys. The mini-figs, PALz, are really taking off as well. The Buffy line continues, while they are starting X-Files and Die Hard. The X-Files Flukeman comes with a porta-potty and his head pops off and fits into the pot. Very sweet! The company has grown a lot since last year with much more cooking; proving to make it an exciting year for them.

click hereMr. Stinkhead
I too am getting more and more convinced by the PALz series, now that I can see and touch the final product. I can't believe all the detail and accessories each one gets. The little mini Alien Freezer containment unit really opens up and you can pull out the alien fetus. Amazing.

Well I guess I can say a 27 year quest comes to an end. I think I've wanted a great looking Oscar the Grouch action figure all of my life. And series two has the Yup Yup aliens!

I also really dig the ultra-cool Transformers statues Palisades has been producing. Soundwave is looking spectacular, and how can you not love Shockwave? I also liked seeing StarScream.

Coolest thing about Showroom: Ken Lilly imitating the sounds that will come from the lifesized Alien Freezer unit with removeable fetus. (and then seeing the PALz scale one too.)

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Plan B Toys

Photo Gallery
Special Forces, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth

click hereMr. Stinkhead
The Plan B guys are still holding strong. They've redesigned their packaging and come up with more paint jobs and characters. We're still holding out of the super-poseable Special Forces body, which they promise could still see the light of day in the future.

We were impressed last year with their Dark Crystal busts, and they're still coming. Aughra and a few more Skeksis were on display. We'd like to see a Garthim, perhaps one of the few potential busts on the planet that would benefit from bobble-head technology.

Now they're working on Labyrinth busts/statues as well. Look for a pair of goblins right now, with other characters and creatures to follow.

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Photo Gallery
Knights, city life, adventure, bunny people

click hereMr. Stinkhead
I am a big time playmobil collector. I have more playmobil than anything else in my collection. I was a little disappointed with the offering this year, but there were definately some stand-outs. Both Lando and I loved the Astronaut special. And that Butcher shop is sweet. Look at all the little links of sausage! There's also a sign with a happy smiling cow and chicken. Sweet! This is why I love playmobil.

Some of the long-time collectors are resisting the newly redesigned castles as they've received quite the update. On the whole, they look pretty similar, and still posesses the amount of detail while retaining superb durability. I did like how they have new features, such as barn doors and new little details that help with play.

Coolest thing about showroom: well I almost spilled the beans to a rep that I own a contraband gigantic playmobil viking...twice.

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Sideshow Collectibles

Photo Gallery
X-Files, James Bond, Star Wars, Terminator, Planet of the Apes, high end collectibles

click hereLando da Pimp
Sideshow continues to impress with their different lines. The Star Wars line of Han and Luke are sold out, and hurry up to pick up the Darth Vader statue before it's gone as well. (too late!) I am impressed with the variety of 18 inch figures/dolls. The X-Files have the best sculpts and are very impressive.

click hereMr. Stinkhead
I love the quality and detail that Sideshow produces. Their upcoming Planet of the Apes collectibles are incredible. Cornelius comes with a miniature "ma-ma" doll from the first movie. And how can you not love Dr. Zaius? I truly love him, though not in the same way I love Nova. Yeooow! These collectibles are so soothing to the eyes, it cools the burn left by Tim Burton's remake... blech.

I'm not a big Buffy fan, but they sure look like who they're supposed to. The likenesses of the X-Files figures was uncanny. We also really liked the various T2 Endoskeleton statues and props.

Look for some Sideshow reviews coming from us in the next few weeks.

Coolest thing about Showroom: life-sized T2 Endoskeleton with light up eyes

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Photo Gallery
Street Fighter, Charmed, Micronauts, Alien vs Predator, Now Playing

click hereMr. Stinkhead
SOTA blew us away with their new product—they're going strong, and still have the power to surprise and impress us. The Princess of Power is expectedly excited about the new Charmed figures. The likenesses are more dead-on, and the figures are even more detailed (and pointy in all the right places).

I'm digging the SOTA interpretation of the Micronauts line. These figures feature some amazing articulation, and the interchangeability for their source of inspiration. They look nice, and I'm looking forward to checking these out.

click hereI also want to mention their Alien vs Predator chess sets. We've seen a deluge of Alien and AVP based merchandise, and sometimes it's a bit much, but this chess set is pulled off beautifully. I love the execution and attention to detail. Definately check out each of those little pieces.

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Photo Gallery
Stikfas figures

click hereMr. Stinkhead
I love Stikfas, I love the simplicity, but the execution is perfect. We saw the new accessories and colors coming out this year. I am most excited about the astronaut with his own head bubble! I also dug the ninja, the Native American, the gladiator, and our 2003 Toy of the Year, the Mechana, is back, now in yellow!

The best thing is that they have the power to inspire. You see one, and your mind starts reeling with all the possibilities you can do with them. Very nice.

Overall we were really impressed, and it was cool for us to finally see the vinyl Spacethings in person.

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Stink Blasters

Photo Gallery
Stink Blaster figures, Stink Blaster Blaster stink gun

click hereMr. Stinkhead
As you know I'm a big fan of the Stink Blasters. Squeeze their head and they smell. Bad. How wonderful is that? We were surprised to see Wave III figures and playsets, especially since we're anxiously waiting for Wave II to hit stores nation wide. They don't quit! The new sculpts and characters look great! I love the chef, and duh, how obvious was it to do a Frenchman? (Mayor Pooche, a decendent of Smellville's founder, Jacques Poochoise de Smellion) Whoops, I'm hitting France with the wife in a few weeks and am looking forward to meeting our French readers.

I like that they're going in new directions with their existing characters too, Skunk Punk is getting his own rock band, and they're preparing box sets that contain 3 figures and a bevy of accessories.

Coolest thing about showroom: seeing a screenshot of the video game Lando and I made for them on the wall.

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Photo Gallery
Freebies and samples!

Almost every company gives us a little something to remember them by. Whether it is something big or something little, it always is appreciated and who doesn't love to have something that isn't available anywhere else? My top three goodies came from Diamond Select/Art Asylum, Gentle Giant, and Mezco. Diamond Select and Art Asylum teamed to give out excusive Toy Fair 2005 Minimates. The little guy is 2 inches, all white, and has a black New York skyline on his chest with "Toy Fair 2005" written underneath. Being a Minimate collector this really excited me. Gentle Giant was giving Bobba Fett Bust-Ups. This little bust has a lot of detail and has a really dynamic pose. Finally, Mezco's Chris from Family Guy is my top pick. He is fantastic. He's got a green shirt with a Mez original cockroach stylized Che Guevara on the front. He has removable earphones and walkman. His expression is priceless. This guy is one of those toys that look as good with your action figures as well as with Designer toys. Although I missed out on the biggies (Terry Funk's signed figure from Jakks and Hasbro's Vader/Anakin two pack), I'm still super happy with my swag.

click hereMr. Stinkhead
I too love all the swag we accumulate while covering Toy Fair. We also come with swag to hand out to our favorite companies. This year we had the Little Black Book (clickable preview), looking like a real bachelor's lil black book, it had all of our info, and descriptions of our coverage this year. We also included hot chicks and their phone numbers to be more authentic.

Jager and I made up buttons to hand out too, and these went fast. We even had an Ultra Rare Chase Variant, destined to fetch a fortune on eBay.

Of all the swag I got, I most like the Cranium Games, Zigity and Whoonu, and I am in love with the Stretchgetti from Play Visions.

click hereLando da Pimp
What a great place to pick up exclusives. Most large companies give great samples to the press but Jakks-Pacific is the best friend to the press. For the past two years they provide the collector media with Toy Fair exclusives. This year each person received a Bloody Terry Funk figure 1 of 100. They even brought Terry Funk in to sign the figure. Jakks respects what we think. At the media event we had a discussion with the people from Jakks on the future of the Adrenaline line with the new body sculpt. Last year Jakks brought in Mick Foley. I can't wait to see what is up for next year.

click hereThe best swag this year is from Hasbro. The Star Wars press kit is the most amazing press kit ever. According to reports there is only 30 or so of these made. If you check e-bay these things have been going for an outrageous amount of money. I am keeping mine. Maybe one day it can fund my future kids college funds.

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Toy Biz

Photo Gallery
Marvel Legends, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Lord of the Rings

click hereIron Cow
WOW. What a selection. Everyone has their personal favorites, but for me, the Fantastic Four movie toys surpassed my wildest expectations. They are the perfect mix of real-life likeness and dramatic looking figures. As big of a Bat-fanatic as I am, I have to say the FF movie figures blew the Batman Begins figures out of the water.

click hereNow, on to Marvel Legends... Some amazing pieces here! I knew we were getting a Vulture, Lizard, and Rhino in the boxed set, but I never expected them to be such amazingly new sculpts. I love the retro look of the Rhino! That's perfect! ToyBiz also featured an enormous 16" Sentinel figure. A part of him comes with each Marvel Legend in Series 10. I only wish he'd also be available online, as I would love to own 2 or 3.

The Lord of the Rings figures continue to impress, as always. The character selection has been pretty spectacular, and the trend continues with this line.

New this year are the dioramas, they come with 24-30 parts that you assemble. Some have a photo on the box, others are blind packed.

Dr. Doom is looking especially good. We'll see how the movie holds up to the expectations set by Toy Biz.

Some info on the Marvel Legends, series 9 will come with a piece of Galactus, and includes: Grey Hulk, 1st Appearance Hulk, Nightcrawler, Deathlok, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Bullseye, and Professor X. Series 10 will come with parts to make the 16" Sentinel, and includes: 1st Appearance Spider-Man, Cyclops, Angel, Black Panther, Omega Red, Mr. Sinister, Mysterio, and Mystique.

The Legendary Riders Series feature a special collection of Marvel Legends. Each 6" figure in this series will come with a character-dedicated transport. 1st Appearance Thing, Logan, Hulk Buster Iron-Man, Vengeance, Taskmaster, Ultron, Wonder Man, and Scarlet Witch.

Coolest thing about their showroom: Many bothans died to bring you this information.

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Photo Gallery
Voltron, Chobits, Inu Yahsa, Robotech, Cinemaquettes

click hereMr. Stinkhead
I'm not a big anime fan, so I wasn't familiar with all of the Chobits and Inu Yasha characters, but I sure leaned a lot about futuristic robot slave girls! Anyway, the big news for me is the upcoming die-cast Voltron! He's huge! He'll be pretty articulated too. We're really looking forward to that one.

click hereToynami also has a line called Cinemaquettes, that quite frankly, are the best movie statues you're going to find. Period. The T-850 Arnold has real human hair, individually rooted by hand. The skin has a creepy rubbery feel, and the detail on the clothing and accessories is immaculate. Standing two feet tall and limited to numbers of 1000, you're right, you will never afford these. But they are pretty amazing to look at. The T-X endoskeleton has blue lights within, and get this, for the T-800 Endoskeleton (not on display) they went out to Winston studios, dismantled one of their endo skeletons, laser-scanned each individual piece and then put it back together. It's the most accurate T-800 Endo you can possibly get. However, in my case, I can't possibly get it because it'll cost my first born, and their college fund (not fair getting both)

Also, if you're into the Robotech Masterpiece series, they are finally coming out with the Shadow, after much fan demand. I liked how our rep preceeded each toy by saying "the fans asked for____"; I like how they try to give the collectors exactly what they ask for, without compromising their quality or offering.

Coolest thing about showroom: One of the real human hair Cinemaquette heads that's not press ready to even talk about, was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. He had a stubble mustache and beard, and it looked like a real goddam human head the size of a golf ball.

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Toy Vault

Photo Gallery
Monty Python, Avenging Ape, Godzilla, King Kong, plush

click hereJager
Toy Vault's plush is always impressive with its quality and licensure. The Monty Python plush is always extremely satisfying. This year they have the Minister of Silly Walks plush that has marionette-like action with wooden sticks coming from the arms and legs. Also, there's the Spanish Inquisitor with voice chip. This guy is funny. The company already had out a Black Knight with removable limbs, but the new version will say a clip when you pull one off. There's also mini-bobble heads, but the best plush is the realistic version of the Rabbit with Pointy Teeth. It has light up eyes and is sewn in a more realistic style. The Here Be Monsters line continues with a Blue Dragon and King Kong. There are three versions (small, medium, and large). The largest has light up eyes and wire in its hands to make a fist or hold your Minimates while climbing to the top of your dresser. Two new Egyptian gods, Horus and Osirus look flashy, while the new Norse Gods line takes off with Thor. This guy was big and looked really fierce with a killer beard and of course his Thunder Hammer (removable with Velcro). The plush keeps coming and with no end to the Monty Python fandom in sight, this company will be doing great in 2005.

Coolest thing about their showroom: Heather was really glad to meet us, and told us how much she loves our contests.

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Photo Gallery

click hereJager
WizKids has tons of Heroclix and many new, rare versions of everyone's favorite comic characters are on their way. But the hottest Clix coming is this summer's Con-Exclusive Phoenix. She stands approx 12 inches high, with Jean Grey in the center of a translucent flaming Phoenix. I couldn't get a price point out of the rep, but he says she'll be less than last year's Galactus. They also have a new game coming along called Pirates. The basic idea is that you control a pirate ship and you want to get as much gold as you can before your opponent does. The game comes in a pack like Magic Cards and the ships pop out of the cards; you put them together, and then pop back in to the cards for storage/carrying. We played a short game and it was fun. Much shorter in time than HeroClix. Not as pretty though. The sculpts on HeroClix always amaze me.

Coolest thing about their showroom: Phoenix. That is a thing of beauty.

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