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Photo Gallery
MegaMan, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Trigun, Viewtiful Joe, Samurai Champloo

Mr. Stinkhead
I'm getting pumped for the Mortal Kombat figures, they're looking sharp, and they're still articulated yet durable. The detail work is better than any Jazwares figures I've seen before, but they look like they'll stand up to a little rough housing.

I also think the MegaMan is going in a decent direction, they are maintaining a clean look and solid build. There was even a statuette on display designed by our friends at Plan B Toys.

I'm not familiar with Samurai Champloo or Viewtiful Joe shows, but the figures look like the animation art, and there are many variants planned. Look for a possible Hot Topic chase later this year?

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Photo Gallery
Batman, Spongebob Square Pants, City Life, Bionicles, Knights Kingdom

Lando da Pimp
As always, the LEGO showroom is one of the best. This year we attended the LEGO press party where the mixture of alcohol with numerous guys with cameras—always seems to lead to broken LEGO sets.

The Batman sets are amazing looking and any fan of the Bat should seriously consider picking up. The set that stands out the most is the Batcave set which includes numerous mini-figures including Alfred Pennyworth. The large scale Technic Batmobile is also very impressive with a large number of movable parts. The wheels rotation controls the jet engines on the back of the vehicle.

Sponge Bob Squarepants sets are also coming your way. I was very curious how they were going to design mini-figure versions of the characters and I love that Plankton is just a rounded brick with leavers for attenae.

Last year was a big year for Star Wars and this year you can only expect to see a few sets, the best being the Jabba Sail-Barge with Sarlacc pit. A big disappointment is the lack of any Harry Potter sets. Sadly, there will be no more Potter sets until the Order of the Phoenix film.

Non-licensed sets Exo-Force and Bionicle both have a large nice collection of sets that should please fans. I wish I could show you them but when you mix press coverage with alcohol you tend to not get all the photos you hope to have gotten.

Mr. Stinkhead
Dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna BATMAN! Sweet! These sets look fantastic. I love the vehicles and minifigures. Mr. Freeze is the best.

Lando said it best, the Sponge Bob LEGOs are pretty funny looking, even if you're not a Spongehead.

And to my credit, I only knocked over one prototype, and it was in rough shape before I got there.

LEGO always has a great showroom. What really sets it off is the fact that most of the prototypes aren't really prototypes. They are the actual toy made from the bricks that the company has had since... well, forever! This year we were able to make it to the party and I can tell you that it was a fantastic way to kick off Toy Fair. Booze, food, LEGOs, and a life size Batman. Not much better than that. I'm very excited about the Batman line being introduced and look forward to buying one of the larger more advanced Batmobile sets.

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Photo Gallery
Superman Returns, DC Superheroes, The Batman, Avatar, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Ice Age 2, Cars

Mr. Stinkhead
I am in love with the DC Super Heroes line that is bringing the Four Horsemen's style and attention to detail to your favorite DC characters. The first wave is in stores now, and I'm getting all fidgety waiting for more. And is that Batgirl?

The Superman Returns items look great for the kids, but if you're into collector level detail, you'll be impressed with the DC Direct offering this year. I do like all the creative play options Mattel works in to their kid lines. If the child digs Superman, these toys will be perfect.

I knocked over a The Batman prototype. Whoops. I hadn't even been drinking yet.

We had a lot of fun playing with the Hot Wheels Acceleracers Drome at Christmas, I was anxious to see the new tracks and obstacles for this year. Lots of fun tracks where the kid gets involved (instead of just sitting back and watching). The coolest thing was the Radar Gun that you can use on anything. You can measure your fast ball, or change it to Hot Wheels scale, and time your cars. If that car was full size, it'd be going 600 mph!

If you're into the RC world, these RC Bugs are sweet! They go from friendly mode to red-eye-of-death Evil mode and shoot foam darts out of their back. Nice! They looked great when you're not playing with them too.

We also had fun demoing the plug 'n play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots on your TV, where you can play as the traditional red and blue robots, or as new characters! We also liked the Bubba Bull you operate to try and throw off your cowboy rider in 8 seconds or less. Take that Luke Perry!

I'm not a big Anime fan, but seeing the trailer to Avatar kind of got me pumped. What can I say? The toys look cool if you're into the show.

Superman Returns is the big line for Mattel this year. While the figures are ok, I wasn't blown away by them, which is a big disappointment. There are a variety of Superman figures with a severe lack of any secondary characters. This is the big summer film and in typical fashion fans will only get a few characters ignoring important characters.

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Photo Gallery
Building Block kits for all ages and skill levels

Lando da Pimp
Last year Megabloks blew me away with the Pyrates line with the Dread Eye Phantom being one of my favorite toys of the year. This year they are continuing that great line but taking it to the next level. Megabloks has aquired the new Pirates of the Caribbean license for the next film. The Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom figure sculpts are really great and I can't wait to get the Black Pearl boat that is made in the same style of the Dread Eye Phantom with cloth sails and great details.

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Photo Gallery
King Kong, Afterlife, Scarface, Family Guy, Miami Vice, Mez-Itz, Living Dead Dolls, VooDooz, Notorious BIG, Public Enemy

Mr. Stinkhead
My favorite toy from all of Toy Fair was their King Kong... not only did it look hella-cool, but they told us the final product would be 18" tall! It's got heft and style and articulation. This is going to be a sweet toy. And though I love collecting, I also love one shots where I don't have to get a lot of other figures to feel complete. That's a personal problem.

I also thought their zombie-themed After Life figures looked amazing. Superb detail, the signature Mezco style, and squishy guts make this a must have.

I also recommend keeping your eyes peeled for Biggie, Public Enemy and the Miami Vice figures.

Mezco's showroom is always impressive. The gallery-like set up really stands out in my memory every year. This year they showed us the expansions on theSouth Park and Family Guy lines. These looked to be great additions to the already strong lines. What really blew my doors off were the Zombies and the second series of Hellboy Comic figures. The zombie line was so gnarly with rubbery guts and blood everywhere. The best of the room in my opinion were the Hellboy toys. I liked how they released another Hellboy, but it didn't seem redundant. He has a great little rocket on his back (from the story Wake the Devil). Also there will be two more members of the B.P.D.R., and an alien! Alien + Mignola design + Mezco quality = Must have toy!

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Plan B Toys

Photo Gallery
Special Forces, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth

Mr. Stinkhead
Whoa! is that an army jeep scaled to their Special Forces figures? Sweet! I hope we see that on shelves sometime soon. We were also impressed with the upcoming Labyrinth and Dark Crystal busts. They're a great size, yet they retain the detail and character from the movies.

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Photo Gallery
Beach, city life, adventure, farm, fairy tale castle

Mr. Stinkhead
I have to admit, I am so excited about the Roman Gladiator set coming out next year, that everything else seems to pale. The new soccer set will be a favorite amoung soccer fans and collectors. See not all of the available countries will be sold in the US, so if you want to get them all, you'll have to do some searching.

The new to us Beach and cargo ship lines look great, and the farm and fairy tale castles got a bit of a revitalization. If you want to see something really cool, keep your eyes out for the second edition of the Playmobil Collector, coming out this spring.

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Sideshow Collectibles

Photo Gallery
Star Wars, Terminator, Highlander, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Alien, Predator, Marvel, high end collectibles

Lando da Pimp
Sideshow continues to provide some of the best sculpt and likenesses. The 12 inch Star Wars figures are amazingly great and I can't wait until they are finally released. If you have preordered them be prepared to be blown away! I did ask if we will see a 12 inch princess Leia Slave Girl and it looks like we got a long wait. Most of the upcoming figures will be prequel focused. I am however excited of the possibility of a Lando Calrissian figure. If Sideshow is reading this, take the hint!

The first Angel figure from the Angel line also looks great and we should see some great figures. I am waiting for a really great Cordelia Chase figure from the line. Speaking of Buffy I also saw the item that my wife will not allow me to buy. The large Buffy Summers sculpt.

Mr. Stinkhead
Awesome, I cannot wait for the Marines from Alien, they look amazing. They will go perfect in my growing Alien collection. It was also great seeing the 1:1 King Kong armature up close. If I had a couple hundred dollars to drop, this is on the top of my list.

I also loved the Tremors graboid bust. It looked amazing! The detail and paint is fantastic. I have two recommendations. My first recommendation is to make a peg board overlay to make it look like the graboid that bust's into Burt Gummer's rec room. You can keep the same mold, just add something that goes around it. My other suggestion is make a desktop model that is a quarter scale of this one, something a bit more manageable for my desk, but that would looks sweet, like it's busting up out of the ground next to my phone.

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Photo Gallery
Stikfas figures, Cuboyds, Kooti Kooti

Mr. Stinkhead
More greatness from Stikfas this year. They are continuing their line of specific themes. This past year we got a rock star, a gangster, an astronaut, a biker, this year we're looking forward to playing with their Viking... which looks amazing (and is available now). I'm also anxious to get my hands on their dinosaurs and dune buggy.

But that's not all they had to offer. The new block figure Cuboyds come in a variety of colors and come with a sheet of stickers. And Stikfas is trying out a collecting/battling game called Kooti Kooti. They feature foil packs holding the flexible rubber tabs. Each one has a cool design on it, and varies in point value. Looks like something the kids could get into, just for looks alone.

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Photo Gallery
Harry Potter

click hereLando da Pimp
Tonner is not usually a company we cover but I wanted to include as much Harry Potter items as I could. With nothing from Mattel or LEGO this year, Potter fans only a small amount of new merchandise to collect. Tonner has a collection of Potter dolls based on the Goblet of Fire. While I find the Ron dolls to be scary, female Potter fans will love the Hermione Yule Ball pink gown design. Be warned these are expensive!

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Photo Gallery
Contains prototypes that are subject to change
Voltron, Chobits, Inu Yahsa, Macross, Cinemaquettes, Emily the Strange

Oooh new Macross! Each figure comes transformable so you can display them in robot, jet, or attack mode. They look great and really deliver. But who am I kidding, I loved seeing the now available Masterpiece Voltron up close. This thing is a work of beauty! Amazing.

We have some Emily the Strange fans in our circles, so they'll be pleased to see the various busts, plush and accessories that are available with the loveable (?) Emily.

The Cinemaquettes are looking great. Honestly they freak me out a bit, but they're amazing looking. They go the extra mile to genuinely bring you the best version you could possibly attain. The Alien on show this year are each individually signed by H.R. Geiger! And it's massive too. I would say he tops 3 feet easily. Very impressive. I wish I could show you, talk about some of the other upcoming maquettes. The Terminator figures are looking amazing. I wish they weren't selling out so quickly. It'll take a while for me to raise the dough necessary.

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