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Interview with Roger Nygard
With Lando da Pimp Where did the idea for Trekkies come from? Why the title Trekkies and not Trekkers?

Roger Nygard: It was all because of Denise [Crosby]. She pitched the idea to me in 1994, and she kept on talking about it for about 2 years. Finally I agreed to throw in with her, just so she'd talk about something else for once! It would have never happened without her.

MPb: Were you a fan of Star Trek?

Roger Nygard: The original series. I saw every episode multiple times as a kid. It was on every day in syndication and it was better than doing homework.

MPb: We all know that Trekkies can be weird and bizarre at times, was there one fan that was way over the top than any other?

Roger Nygard: It's impossible to judge - because what's the frame of reference? Who's to say what's normal? These are questions we're asking fans in Trekkies 2: "What's too extreme for a fan?" "How do you define a 'normal' fan?" It's hard to deny that Barbara Adams (the Whitewater juror) is the most famous Star Trek fan in the world. But every country we visit has a topper for all the previous countries (check our website for some of them: There's no end in sight!

MPb: Why did you decide to film Trekkies 2?

Roger Nygard: We only covered the U.S. and Canada the first time. An entire world of interesting and amazing people are out there. And we've got them on tape.

MPb: Will Trekkies 2 give us updates on the fans interviewed for the first film?

Roger Nygard: Yes. Look for updates on Barbara Adams (the Whitewater Juror), Gabriel Koerner (previously the 14 year old computer effects expert), David Greenstein (who considered having his ears altered to Vulcan points), and Daryl Frazetti (with the Star Trek uniform-clad cats).

MPb: What Star Trek stars will you be talking to this time? Any interesting stories so far?

Roger Nygard: Amazingly interesting stories. The actors are listed on our site as we interview them. My favorite humorous story so far was Ethan Phillips' hilarious litany of bizarre aliens when we asked him who his favorite alien characters were.

MPb: In Trekkies, you visited such places as the town of Vulcan and the town Riverside, Iowa. Any plans to visit any other Star Trek themed towns?

Roger Nygard: No theme towns this time, but lots of theme countries.

MPb: Did you receive feedback from Star Trek fans feeling that the film was poking fun at them?

Roger Nygard: Yes, and we are looking for more people with this opinion, to allow all sides to be heard. But it has been difficult to get very many negative comments. Those with a negative opinion of Trekkies have been fading into the shadows, shy about talking to us about that issue. But any readers out there who want to weigh in, please send us a tape! Interview yourself and mail it to us. Tape submission and interview information is on our website.

MPb: What is the progress of Trekkies 2? When is the film scheduled for release?

Roger Nygard: Completion at the end of 2003. Release dates are up to Paramount, but I predict mid 2004.

MPb: Are you still looking for people to showcase in Trekkies 2? If so, how can fans contact you about being a part of the film?

Roger Nygard: Sure. But times is ticking. See the details on our website.

MPb: What can you tell us about the film so far? Give us an advanced scoop.

Roger Nygard: The footage has overwhelmed us. The foreign fans are going to knock your socks off. Star Trek fandom really is pervasive and worldwide. But I think we found the heart of the movie in Serbia and Montenegro, where we attended a first-ever convention for that part of the world. The people were amazing in their determination to celebrate Star Trek despite decades of oppression and darkness, as they are now coming into the light as a country.

MPb: Six Days in Roswell deals with UFO's, alien abductions and sightings. There are very strong Sci-Fi themes found in your work. Are you a fan of the unknowns of space?

Roger Nygard: Absolutely. I'm working on some other sci-fi related projects as well. Stay tuned.

MPb: Have you thought about filming documentary on Star Wars or Lord of the Rings fans?

Roger Nygard: Star Wars docs have been done a few times. I suspect somebody is doing Lord already. I'll stick with Star Trek for now. Maybe a documentary on religion in the future; it's a subject that fascinates me.

MPb: Millionaire or Playboy? Which and why?

Roger Nygard:Both is not an option?

MPb: Thank you for your time.

Roger Nygard My pleasure.


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