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003.03.05—Two years old and no closer to maturity...

We launched on 03.03.03, two short years ago, and now, we're looking to the future.

That was lame, but I couldn't say I wish I had seen more boobs in the last year. So I went for the inspirational poster tripe instead. Boobs are inspirational to me.

Ok, I tried to lure you here with something free, well here it is. Download this T-shirt PDF, print it out backwards and iron it onto a t-shirt. The trusty Bat Signal has been updated to call all us Millionaire Playboys to action! There you go.... Yay—Free advertising for us! I mean, Yay—one way for us to show our appreciation to you! If you're not the ironing type, we've got one available in our store to buy.

click here for all coverageThe last 12 months have been packed. We just got back from Toy Fair in NYC. We spent a good bit of time on our coverage, and there are links within that to our main photo gallery if you're not one for reading.

At Toy Fair, we handed out a Little Black Book to the companies we worked with the past year. We also inserted celebrity "phone numbers" to make it look like a bachelor's little phone book. See if you can figure out what the phone numbers really mean.

click here to see all designer toy coverageWe have been at the forefront of the Designer Toys explosion in urban vinyl and designer plush. Jager has been following the artists and their new creations, look out for his upcoming interviews and coverage.

R Hunter put together his own art exhibit, SubCultures to showcase these "action figures as art." And then he organized a contest to design a new Mininmate. We were happy to help where we could along the way.

Something big to me, is that we've started reviewing DVDs before they come out in stores. That's right folks, we're now in screener territory. Keep an eye on our contests page, as we are giving away box sets almost two or three times a month.

click here for articleWe've been in the news too. More than Gary Coleman, but less than Paris Hilton. In October, we were featured in the Washington Post. In January, we were featured on Dave Barry's Blog and we were featured on (the web site for Vogue). Mr. Stinkhead wrote the 1980's toy quiz for ToyFare magazine issue #86 and our involvement with the Create-A-Mate contest is noted in issue #83.

Jager was quoted in the November 19th News & Observer (from Raleigh/Durham) in an article about Urban Vinyl. And Lando won the WV Department of Tourism Excellence in Online Writing Award for his coverage of the Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling, WV.

If we wanted to be in the news any more, we'd have to release Stinkhead's bachelor's party movie on the internet, or actually accomplish something newsworthy.

check out our BBQWe tried to give back to the audience a little bit with our massive contests. Massive being relative. We can't afford tropical vacations or new cars for you, but we can gather up a disgustingly obscene amount of toys. We held a second successful 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, and we threw another great MPb BBQ (which was featured in the Post mention above, c'mon... keep up.)

We showed you how to make a working, light-up Batphone using materials available on the internet. Hey, if you're one of the ones that actually made one, send me a picture of you with the phone. I'd love to see it. It's also great if you have friends that try to use your phone, say... gotta keep the line clear... for BATMAN!

And speaking of seeing our readers, we attempted to Save the Xevoz with a custom contest and gave away an as-of-yet-unavailable-in-stores Xevoz two pack with a photo contest. Readers submitted pics of themselves protesting the Xevoz' demise. Check out all of the entries. Whether the Xevoz live or die is not up to us, but we do have the most comprehensive Xevoz coverage around. Our obsession is impressive if mildly embarassing. Kind of like that sixth grade photo of yourself.

click here!Speaking of making stuff, Lando and Stinky made a video game for the Stink Blasters web site. Read all about the process and some "behind" the scents anecdotes here. Basically you pick a Stink Blaster, get on an elevator, and see how many passengers you can fart on. It'll be bigger than GTA!

Lando really got into LEGO sets. Their Star Wars sets drew him in, and now he's a certified LEGO Maniac. Check out this amazing Millennium Falcon, and then check out the gigantic robot you can make battle a dinosaur! Sweet! It's just like the 1700s.

I mentioned Jager's descent into the world of urban vinyl, specifically check out his explanations for the uninitiated, and then fall in love with the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo. Cute, fuzzy animals that are intent on killing humans. For free, don't ask me how they do it.

We've added a Our Favorite Articles link to every page, to help the folks that come in from links or Google. That showcases our top faves, but if you're interested in seeing everything, check out our Features page.

If you're not already, hop on our spam-free Newsletter, we'll keep you up to date on big happenings and new contests. Did you know we gave away Motley Crue tickets?

I gotta thank Bobbi and Rob over at Raving Toy Maniac for their support. Also their Buzz Board community has been really great. Thanks as well to Iron Cow and R Hunter, it was a pleasure working with you, and your help has been invaluable.

We're glad that you're checking us out. Try out our message board, it could use your help. We'll try to keep you entertained three times a week, and continue showing you some cool stuff that's out there. Ever see something that made you so happy you gotta tell the world? It's like catching a glimpse of a really great pair of buns, and having to look up and smile at someone, even if it's your wife.

Mr. Stinkhead
and the MPb crew.

Oh and tell your friends about this site. Do you have a web site? We have some banners we'd like to exchange, or maybe a simple link.

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