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Airplane! : Don't Call me Shirley Edition By Lando Da Pimp

The founders of the Kentucky Fried Theatre followed up their surprise hit the Kentucky Fried Movie with one of the funniest movies of the 80's, Airplane. Mel Brooks whose films greatly influenced this genre, helped bring this brand of comedy to the forefront and produce films like The Naked Gun and Top Secret.

Airplane finds ex-pilot Ted Striker (Robert Hays) attempting to persuade his ex-girlfriend Elaine (Julie Hagerty) from breaking up with him. Elaine no longer wants to deal with Ted's problems and focuses on her job as a stewardess (Oh wait this is no longer the 80's, I mean Flight Attendant). Ted, who refuses to give up on their relationship, surprises Elaine on her next flight. After people start getting sick from food poisoning, including the pilots, Ted must fly and land this plane. He gets his help from the doctor (Leslie Neilson), Steve McCrosky (Lloyd Bridges), and Capt. Rex Kramer (Robert Stack). Since the incident in the war, Ted is afraid to fly, but is the only hope for the sick patients on board.

Click for biggerI know that story doesn't sound funny, but everything in this film is a joke including the title of this DVD. Through out the film are a number of celebrity cameos including Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and Barbara Billingsley from Leave it to Beaver who we learn speaks Jive!

Click for biggerExtras
I really want to let movie studios know how important it is to people to make it easy to view extras or "special edition material." When you choose to watch the special features on this disc you actually have to watch the film. At certain points throughout the film you are given the option to view a special edition supplement. This could be a deleted scene or interview about the film. This is very similar to the infinifilm concept, which I hate. This is one thing I can't stand. Just provide the supplements in an area where you can watch at any time. Its impossible to watch just the deleted scenes on this film without searching through the different chapters.

The best part of this DVD is the menus, which are created to mimic the brochure of airplane safety procedures.

Click for biggerOverall
Overall I liked this DVD, but it pissed me off big time. If you hate the infinifilm concept as much as I do, then avoid this DVD. I didn't own this movie prior, so to now have a version that does have some supplements on it is good. If you don't own this film, then pick it up. If however, you already have this on your shelf, there's no need to replace it.

The Don't Call Me Shirley edition of Airplane is available from

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