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Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier
2 Disc Collector's Edition

By Lando Da Pimp

Francis Ford Coppola's film, Apocalypse Now, is regarded as one of the best film war films ever made and regarded as one of the classic films from the 1970's. A new DVD with both versions of the film with a ton of extras has just been released.

click to seeThe Film
Apocalypse Now follows Captain Willard, portrayed by Charlie Sheen, carrying out a mission that the U.S. Army will never confirm its existence. Willard must seek out and eliminate Green Beret Colonel Walter Kurtz (Brando), who the Army believes has gone insane after he led an army into Cambodia conducting missions against the Viet Cong. On his journey Willard descends into the jungle, slowly battling insanity from the war. Willard continues to become more and more like the man he was sent to kill.

click to seeclick to seeSpecial Features
Both the 1979 and 2001 versions of the film are presented on a two-disc set with a Francis Ford Coppola commentary track on both versions. The featurette of Marlon Brando reading The Hollow Men poem is eerie. 13 additional deleted scenes not included on either version are also presented.

click to see On disc two, four documentaries of the film's post-production feature the actors discussing their impressions of the films. Wrapping up the featurettes is Apocalypse Then and Now with Coppola reflecting on the film after all these years.

click to seeFinal Thoughts
Not having seen the previous DVD versions of this film I can't compare this version to them. However, having both versions of the films on one DVD and a ton of special features I can highly recommend this collection.

The two-disc Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier is available from

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