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The wild success of movies such as Office Space and Boondock Saints on DVD, have encouraged movie studios to forego the theater-going audience, and hope to make it big with the recovering-from-a-hangover crowd with DVD-only releases. American Pie Presents Band Camp is one of those features.

First off, you have to get the unrated version. There is a nice amount of naked breasts in this version, and I can't imagine how enjoyable the rated version, with less boobage, would be.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me start with the character development, plot, and witty dialogue. I should, because Lord knows the writers of the movie didn't. I kid, I kid. Seriously, of all the straight-to-DVD and TV movies I've seen. This isn't horrible. It's not really "theater" quality either. I think the straight to DVD option was a good call on this one.

My verdict: Not Awful. What does that tell you? Well if you're looking for something funny to watch while kicking back a few beers with friends on a casual saturday afternoon, this movie is alright. There's boobs, crude humor, hot chicks, hot chicks getting drunk, embarassing situations, and more boobs. I should point out that two of the counselors are Playboy Playmates. If you're going to go out and rent tits, why not go all the way... I say kudos to the makers of Band Camp for at least gettin top shelf... uh, rack.

Arielle Kebbel is hot. So it's nice she's got some good screen time in this movie. Is her lack of boobs what kept her from the front of the DVD box? Odd.

Complaints? Yeah, a couple. The lead "actor" Tad Hilgenbrink looks a lot like Sean William Scott, aka Stiffler. He plays Stiffler's brother in this movie. He makes faces like Stiffler, and he makes jokes like Stiffler the entire movie. Here's the problem. If Stiffler was at a party of yours, that would be funny (to some, maybe not) but it would be funny. That guy at your party that imitates Stiffler? Not so funny. Kind of annoying actually. So my thing is, if you can't get Stiffler (who can't carry a movie by himself anyway) you definately don't want to get a guy that imitates Stiffler (and have him carry a movie by himself).

If some stroke of luck hits, and the real Stiffler (please stand up), Sean William Scott is reading this, please know that I do respect you as an actor, you do a good job at what you do. So please don't take the last remark as offensive.

So basically, I would have liked to have seen a character that was more inspired by Stiffler, instead of trying to be Stiffler.

Ok, this wasn't awful. It had some good lines (none that you'll find me shouting out of a car at CoEds like I did with the original American Pie. SUCK ME BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, it's not bad. I think $15 is more an appropriate price for this set. There are tons of extras, but it's kind of like getting 10 extra napkins with your ham sandwich. Thanks for the thought, but I really don't need em here.

The unrated version of American Pie Presents Band Camp is available from

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