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The Bourne Ultimatum
Reviewed by Mr. Stinkhead

I remember, everything.

Those were the words uttered by Jason Bourne in the trailers we saw this summer. I was unable to get to the theaters to see this one because my wife was expecting a baby. And we thought it would be hilarious if he was born in the Bourne movie (the due dates were very close). Anyway, now I'm able to watch this in the comfort of my own home. This movie picks up 5 minutes after the second movie in the series, Bourne Supremecy, so it's nice to watch them all in a row. My wife and I did. (over three separate nights, we're taking care of a baby now... cut us some slack)

My favorite two aspects of the first two Bourne movies are securely intact in this installment... the highly choreographed action (that appears, and I use this with a wink, tangible) and the on location shooting. I love that they really film in these foreign locations. Side note: they actually decided to use Berlin to double as the Kremlin to kick off the movie, but they really film in most of these genuine locations. There is a great series of bonus features showing them shooting on each location and what difficulties arose from doing so.

Even though these are highly stylized action films, they have a higher level of quality that you don't find in other brainless action flicks. This third movie fits in with the other two seamlessly.

The Story, now that Bourne knows more about what he can do, there is less discovery. He is still searching for answers and trying to dodge "The Man." In the second movie he had to prove he was framed and stop the framers, in this one, he is defending himself, and more on the run. I enjoyed the movie, there was a lot of government "heads up their asses" moments (more than one) and a little bit more self discovery, but I wasn't impressed with it. The BIG ANSWERS didn't seem to be all that "deep". I don't know how far they deviate or follow the original books at this point, so I don't know where to stick the blame. But it didn't really hurt my enjoyment of the movie. There's action, explosions and you should have listened to me when you had the chance, now look what you've done moments galore. To be fair to Bourne Ultimatum, I just watched Michael Douglas in The Game, which is a good action flick with lots of brains and mind pucks... so I was looking for more than I should have.

Bonus Features
There is a feature-length commentary with the director, but I really enjoyed all the little featurettes that were included. They're all quite short, but they're worth giving a watch. There are some deleted scenes (removed perhaps for time? They're not bad), a feature on the choreographed fights, another on the chase sequences, and a cool series I mentioned earlier, on each of the locations. These are all very interesting, and raise my appreciation for the quality of film-making exhibited here. They raised the bar.

The first Bourne is my favorite movie because you, the audience, are figuring out things with Jason, so there's a bit more cerebellum involved, but this is a good follow-up, and I wasn't disappointed. I recommend watching the second movie, Bourne Supremecy again as a refresher before watching this one. You could get away with out it, but it's nice to have that movie fresh in the memory.

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