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Breach on DVD
Agent Stinkhead

Tuxxer reviewed this film when it was in theaters, you can check out his review.

Breach is coming out on DVD on June 12th. It has loads of features and may be one of the best underrated films of the year. Actually, it was very highly received by critics, however it didn't breach the radar for many movie goers. Here is a quick rundown. Ryan Philippe plays Eric O'Neill, a new recruit at the FBI. He has been placed under the wing of Chris Cooper, playing Robert Hanssen, a veteran agent of 25 years. It's Eric's job to deliver Hanssen red-handed to the FBI, selling secrets to the Russians. Based on a true story, this film doesn't have a ton of explosions and gun play, but lots of high tension, and great story-telling.

I was initially expecting something like Bourne Identity, but was very pleased with situations presented. Taking place and filmed primarily in Washington DC (where I work everyday), I was thrilled with the real-life events unfolding. Watching the bonus features you learn that every detail has been replicated, and everything you see is true. Eric O'Neill served as consultant and made sure everything from Hanssen's mannerisms to the appearance of his cramped (but bugged) office was matched perfectly.

I didn't watch the entire audio commentary, however I thoroughly enjoyed the other bonus features. Eric talks about his original experiences with the Bureau, and his difficulties in selling his story to Hollywood. He coached Chris Cooper (the homophobic neighbor from American Beauty) on every mannerism and expression. Cooper, and the director, Billy Ray, also take turns explaining how they got into the world of high stakes espionage.

Those are great, but the best bonus feature was the full broadcast of the Dateline expose of Robert Hanssen hosted by To Catch a Predator's Chris Hanson. That's right, mister "Hello there. What were you expecting? No, I'm not a naked fourteen yearold, I'm Chris Hanson with Dateline." Unfortunately he was not part of any FBI sting, so we don't see him pretending to be a Soviet. This clip, made just a few short weeks after the news broke, reinforces that everything you saw in the feature, was true.

If you're into psychological thrillers, stories based on true events, spy games, cat and mouse chases, or simply great acting, I fully recommend the Breach DVD.

If you come to the DC area, be sure to visit the International Spy Museum, here was my mission to restore the glory that is Chuck Barris!

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