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Charmed: Season 1
and the SOTA Toys' Piper Action Figure

Review by Princess of Power

One of my favorite shows to watch is Charmed. I love their magical powers, the female empowerment aspect, and the intertwined story lines. Yes, it's a little cheesy from time to time, but it's done knowingly, and I find it enjoyable to watch. I watch the syndicated episodes on TNT, and the new episodes on WB.

I was very excited to get an advance screener of the first season of Charmed on DVD. I had seen most of these episodes (starring Shannon Doherty as Prue) when they originally aired, but there were a few I missed, and it was cool seeing it from the beginning again.

Unfortunately there are no extras. I would have liked some interviews, especially with the show's creator and writers, to learn about how the show got started, how they picked the actresses, and how they worked in the special effects. This was missed, and hopefully later season's releases will contain some bonus features.

Being completely up to date on current story lines and characters, it was interesting seeing the sisters learn their powers from scratch. Yet it was a little frustrating, knowing what we know now, but still it was enjoyable. I liked having the advantage of advanced knowledge when watching these.

I've already torn through the first two discs, I liked the pilot episode Something Wicca This Way Comes, even though recently, the show has moved away from mentioning Wiccan aspects. Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and even Doherty have a great chemistry together right from the beginning, and it's cool seeing their development as the show progresses.

I'm not a big AV nerd, so I can't tell you all the specifics behind the digital process and how it was transferred to DVD, but the colors look great, and the sound is spot-on, so there were no disappointments there.

I'm happy to have the first season on DVD. I can't wait to eventually have all of the seasons [Mr. Stinkhead's note: great...] and I do enjoy being able to see these episodes when I want to. I only hope that future seasons have some type of bonus features.

A ha! Even though there were no bonus features, I give you this sweet list of trivia facts from

Check out the official site with games and more.

You can buy this six disc set from, OR you can win it right here. Drop an e-mail with your name and the correct answer to the question below to by February 14th. Good Luck.

Besides Piper and Phoebe, what current character appears in the pilot episode?

We will draw one of the correctly answered e-mails to win this prize.

click for largerSOTA Toy's Piper Action Figure
The wonderful Mr. Stinkhead got me the Piper action figure from SOTA Toys, and I love displaying it in my office.

Piper, like the other figures, comes with one section of the attic, and if Mr. Stinkhead ever gets me more of the figures, I'll be able to put together all the pieces to make the large attic playset. In addition to the detailed base, there are several accesories including a detailed spirit board, potion vials, and two sets of interchangeable hands.

I think this figure clearly looks like Holly Marie Combs as Piper, and I like the amount of positions you can get out of her jointed arms. I do wish the legs had some type of joint, as they are frozen in place.

The base is superb. I like how the stained glass window is actually translucent, and the one piece of attic looks ok without the other pieces connected to it.

Stay tuned to MPb's Toy Fair 2005 coverage for pics and updates on the upcoming second series of Charmed figures from SOTA Toys.

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