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Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck

Review by Tuxxer

5 out of 10

There are good movies, and there are bad movies. Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck is not a good movie.

CM:RS tells the tale of a misogynist redneck career criminal, based on a true story. Parker Lewis Can't Lose's Corin Nemec does a decent job in the role; but the character, the script and the movie itself are just terrible.

Speck comes off as a careless, short tempered idiot. His crimes, which are deplorable, seem to come from nowhere. No motivation, no personal vendetta, nothing that could explain why he does what he does.

The synthesized score doesn't help. Sadly, neither do performances by horror veterans Tony Todd (of Candyman fame) or Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster).

Michael Feifer illustrates why writers generally shouldn't direct their own work. The dialogue is awful; riddled with cliché's and just bad lines. Poor acting in supporting roles is...pretty remarkably consistent. There's the hobo (yes, hobo) who criticizes him, the Uniformed Cops who refuse to arrest Speck because he's 'just a hard working boat man', and of course the doctor who calls him 'a sick son of a bitch'. Take your pick.

If you're looking for a good way to kill an hour and a half; invite some friends over and pick apart a flick that unabashedly deserves it. Afterwards—the DVD will make a good coaster.

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