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Dirty Deeds
Rated PG-13

Review by Mr. Stinkhead

I had the extreme joy of sitting through a viewing of the recent DVD jem, Dirty Deeds. In the spirit of American Pie or Girl Next Door, it follows the antics of the high school everyman who is full of snarky sarcasm. Looks like it rubbed off on me a bit.

The acting and production values are really not bad. They seem to be a notch higher than the other recent straight-to-DVD release of American Pie's Band Camp. There are high school antics aplenty, and the jokes keep rolling. They're not very funny to me, but they keep rolling.

I recommend this movie if you are a big fan of intense posturing that just screams I have the baddest attitude!, countered by No, I do! ha HA. Also, if you have an acute mental condition that makes you break out in a rash when watching dramatic tension, or any form of drama really, then I also recommend this movie to you.

It seemed like a decent set up, this high school senior (boyfriend from Gilmore Girls) has to use his wits and charm to complete 10 seemingly impossible pranks in 24 hours or else (... um, they kind of left out a convincing or else). He just seems to step up to the plate to help out the freshman brother of some chick he likes. Some chick being Mean Girls' and Party of Five's Lacey Chabert. But he really doesn't even seem interested in bagging her.

Though she takes off her shirt, you don't get to see her nipples. [Ed note: With one word, I single handedly made my review of this movie 10X more interesting than the movie itself]. This loser drops her off in the middle of the night—just after she pitched her softballs—to drive off and finish these tasks to impress the preppy football player tool. What? Dude! fix your priorities.... Seriously.

I haven't been in the high school scene for some time, so maybe the apathy was lost on me, but it really felt like as soon as the main guy was in an actual jam, something would pop out of the blue and solve it for him. Every five minutes. And I won't say it's predictable, because it wasn't. I could never have predicted feeling this way after watching a movie. Finishing my taxes maybe, but never watching this movie.

The "challenges" were creative, but it felt like the movie was written by one guy, he quit, and then a PA or intern finished it... or didn't finish it, but added more stuff to make it look longer. In one scene, he has to steal a car worth over $100,000. So he goes to the fancy restaurant, waits for the valet to leave, goes up and puts on the extra red valet jacket they have lying there, and simply takes the Ferrari from the next guy who pulls up. Whoops. I meant to say "Spoilers" about three minutes ago.

Judging by what I've seen on Amazon, the younger set did enjoy this movie, so if you're in middle school or high school, I say give it a try. But I would not buy it... which leads me to

Win a copy of this movie!!!
We got a couple of copies to give away!!!!!! That's right. Though I do not recommend paying for this movie in any form, I say hey, why not try to win a copy for free!
Send in your best high school prank that you performed. I don't want to hear about someone else's, I want to know something you did. I'll share one of mine.

In typing class (I told you I was old) they had these professionally printed, educational signs all over the bulletin board. Things like "arch your fingers" or "use an normal pace" whatever. One day I pulled one down, and taped it up above one of the urinals. It was the one that said "Use Sharp and Even Stroking"

Ok, now that you're inspired, e-mail me a high school prank you really performed by February 3rd. I'll draw the best two to win a free copy of Dirty Deeds.

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