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Dune (Extended Edition)

Review by Lando da Pimp

Before you read this review, I swear that I am a Sci-Fi fan. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, and Firefly / Serenity. So when I tell people that I have never seen the film Dune, most people question my geekness.

When the film was offered, I volunteered to review it only to discover that there is another DVD version of this film. This version is the longest with extra footage. The DVD also contains the original theatrical version. Since the theatrical version has been released in previous versions I watched the extended edition, which is about 30 minutes longer.

The Story
From what I gathered, Dune, chronicles the galactic civil war between the Houses of Atreides and Harkonnen. The fighting erupted when Duke Leto and his son Paul are granted stewardship of Arrakis (Dune). Emperor Shaddam conspires to kill Paul before he can be removed from power. Paul escapes to the desert where he trains the guerilla fighters the Fremen to reclaim Arrakis from Shaddam.

The Extras
Dune is packaged in a sleek metallic packaging that is very thin and slick compared to other DVDs. The feature Deleted Dune provides various takes of material that was included in the extended version. A documentary about Dune FX and Models discusses creating the world of Dune.

I have to be honest that after watching this film I was still confused as to what it is really about. Only after reading about the film did I start to fully understand what went on. The extended edition is a very long drawn out film that is just too long. I plan on watching the original theatrical version to see how both versions compare. Overall, I can only recommend this film to hardcore fans of the film. The inclusion of extra material makes this disc worth the money. I only wish other films would get the attention that Dune has. Those of you who questioned my science fiction geekiness, I question why is this film really so praised?

You can pick up the extended edition of Dune from

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