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Review by Punner

As soon as I saw this DVD in Best Buy I was hooked. Escaflowne is, by far, my favorite Anime. The movie begins with Van, the half-dressed, young, warrior king, plummeting from the sky and demonstrating his awesome swordsmanship by dismembering an air-ship crew, known as the Black Dragon Clan. The Black Dragon Clan is an imperial army that was transporting the legendary Escaflowne, Dragon Armor, to their commander, Lord Folken.

Hitomi, who is just an ordinary girl from earth, is first summoned to the planet Gaea, where the story takes place. She is known as the Wing Goddess and must work with Van because she is the only person who can summon Escaflowne. Meanwhile, Van must fight to the death to keep Hitomi from falling into the hands of the enemy.

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All of the intense action in this movie deals with Van and the Escaflowne armor and note: this Anime is PG-13 because there is actually some blood spilled in these fights. However, not only does this DVD have lots of killer battles, it also has a great storyline that is both intriguing and intelligent.

The relationships between the characters are real and complex—this includes a little love triangle in there for all the lady-fans' enjoyment. The soundtrack is amazing and the animation is beautifully done. Even if you're not an Anime Guru you can enjoy this movie. Afterward, I was so impressed that I went out and bought the entire series!

Check out the official web site for the movie at and this compendium site, You can pick up the movie or the whole TV series from

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