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Forgetting Sarah Marshall
by Mr. Stinkhead

I feel terrible for this movie and the folks behind it. See it was released on DVD the same day as Iron Man. How do you compete with that? This movie is hilarious, touching, and original, and trust me the deleted scenes on the second disc are worth it.

If you're unfamiliar with the story, here is a quick set up. Peter is a composer for a popular crime show Crime Scene, Scene of the Crime. He is dating the star, Sarah Marshall (Veronica Mars' Kristin Bell). When she breaks up with him, he attempts to climb out of his depression by going to Hawaii, by himself. Whoops, Sarah is there with her British rockstar boyfriend.

The hijinks that ensue, and "sweet" romance between (Dead Man on Campus's Jason Segel) and (That 70's Show's) Mila Kunis, are the perfect pace and make this a terrific "date movie" or "hanging out with the guys" movie. It's funny, it has repeat watching potential and it's not a one trick pony. I liked Superbad alright, but it's not a movie I could watch over and over.

I have something important to get off my chest right this minute. We heard from folks who went to see this in the movie in the theater that the male nudity ("too many weiners bro!") out weighs what little female nudity there was (a Photo of naked boobs). Well the deleted scenes make up for that, and then some. Be sure to put in the second disc and watch the Sex-o-rama portion for a very healthy serving of naked lady parts. I kind of wish this section was left in the movie to provide the balance it so sorely needed.

Anyway, I for one, am above counting the minutes that naked boobs are or are not on screen, so I'll get back to the other pieces of the film. It's great that the humor comes from the unique absurdity of the characters and situations. Not everything feels like it was set up as a joke. It avoids many formulas. And though there is some predictability, I felt like I was consistantly entertained through out.

The set up is slightly far-fetched, but the characters, and how they deal with the situations presented is what drives the movie. Peter is an everyman, but he's got more depth (and sympathy) than your typical date movie doofus like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents. You want to see him succeed, you want to see him do the right thing and perservere. Mila Kunis' hotel staffer character is also beyond your typical conquest or "cute foil who shows up after the 'hot girl' becomes unattainable" like so many date movies. The more I think of it, it's less a date movie, and more of a fun movie that guys and girls could equally enjoy.

I also have to mention Russell Brand as Aldous Snow. He's a flightly rock star that Sarah is currently dating. He's such a slime, yet so cool you can't help but be frustrated and jealous as Peter tries to win Sarah back. Russell recently hosted the MTV Video Awards and most people didn't get his humor. I think if this movie had come out on DVD a week before the awards, he would have been a gigantic hit. AND it wouldn't have coincided with the release of Iron Man. Wake up Hollywood.

You can pick up this DVD on, which I recommend, since you were probably busy drooling over Iron Man to notice it came out. (I was too)

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