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Friday The 13th
From Crystal Lake to Manhattan
Ultimate Edition DVD Collection
Available in stores on October 5th
Review by: Lando Da Pimp

The Friday the 13th movies were always my favorite horror films. After releasing each film separately Paramount has packaged the most comprehensive collection of the Friday the 13th films. Here is the low down of each disc.

Friday the 13th

This was the movie that started it all. After 20 years Crystal Lake opens back up. Warnings of a death curse from the local area residents don't stop the counselors from doing what they do best, having sex on the job! One by one the counselors are found murdered including Kevin Bacon! In the end, Pamela Voorhees is taking revenge against all counselors for the death of her little boy who drowned at the camp years ago because of their carelessness.

I love this movie. The first time I saw it was after screening Friday the 13th part IV. At the time I was disappointed with the lack of Jason but I have later come to appreciate it as one of the best horror films of all time.

Friday the 13th Part II
Five years after the first film somebody decides is would be a great idea to open up the camp once again. As usual the counselors ignore the warning of danger believing that the risk is gone. However, once again people are being murdered. This time the serial killer is not Mrs. Voorhees but Jason back from the dead taking revenge for the death of his mother.

This is a great sequel and just like the first movie, I never had seen it until after part IV. Jason by then was wearing the hockey mask, but I have to admit the white bag was a hell of a lot scarier than the mask.

Friday the 13TH Part III

You would think that people would stay away from the Crystal Lake area. Once again people ignore the warnings and its Jason's job of reminding them of their peers' failure. Just like the stupid teenagers, the studio didn't want to mess with a successful formula. So instead of messing with the story, the studio cashed in on the new film technology of 3D! Throughout the film objects such as yo-yo's, knives, and axes all lunge towards the screen. Of course on the DVD the technology doesn't work so its just really awkward looking scenes.

Part III is one of the best films of the series. A true fan would know that this is the film that Jason acquires the famous hockey mask. The film also marks the start of the basic rule that Jason Vorhees will always return. You can stab him, hit him with a board, and even set fire to him you can't stop his determination of murdering the ignorant counselors. I find Richard Brooker's portrayal of Jason as the best. His interpretation of him was very psychopathic compared to the hulking Kane Hodder.

Friday the 13TH Part IV The Final Chapter
Don't let the title fool you. This isn't the final movie, nor is it the last. [Ed note: What in the hell?] It is the movie however that stars one of the Corey's, Corey Feldman. After coming back to life in the morgue, Jason makes a stop on his way home to Crystal Lake to murder Feldman, his sister, and the neighboring, partying teenagers. One of those partying teenagers is none other than George McFly, Crispin Glover. No luck getting him to discuss this memorable role on the extras.

The plot is no different from parts two and three with the exception of more gratuitous nudity. The ending of the film gets extremely strange with Corey cutting his hair pretending to be a young Jason Vorhees luring Jason closer in for the kill. The film ends making you believe that if there were going to be another sequel, Corey's character Tommy Jarvis would become the new serial killer. After all Jason is dead. Right?

Friday the 13th Part V: The New Beginning

With the success of Part IV, The New Beginning was released a year later. The story continues with Corey Feldman's character Tommy as a teenager who is having difficulty dealing with his run-in with Jason. This movie does have one plus side. It has the longest gratuitous nude scene.

Most people would credit this film as the worst installment of the series. Even hardcore fans have a hard time accepting it. I do give the film credit for giving the film a mystery of who is doing the killings. Is it Jason? Tommy? Old man Smithers who runs the old amusement park?

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
This title says it all, Jason Lives. After the horrible fifth installment the new film brought Jason back to life with a hope of resurrecting the series. The character of Tommy Jarvis returns after recovering from his problems. His big mistake is digging up Jason to prove that he is actually dead. Well he's not and the stalk and slash formula was a lot better when the killer really was Jason and not an imposter.

Jason Lives attempted to add a bit of humor to the story. Filled with ironic humor it took away from the horror of the movie. Not particularly scary but a huge improvement from part V.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Let me first start off telling you that I hate this installment. It just doesn't work. The New Blood incorporated a bit of more of the supernatural. True, a killer returning from the dead is not really based in reality but this time the main character has the ability to control things with her mind. The only positive aspect of this film is the first film starring Kane Hodder who most fans consider the as the best Jason.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan The title of this film should really be Jason Kills on a Boat. About 80 percent of the film takes place on a boat with the remaining 15 minutes in Manhattan. Because of the cost of actually filming on location, there is little true New York in this film.

Sure it was hokey. But the studio took the gamble of placing Jason in a new location. However the film ultimately failed with most fans because of the lack of Manhattan. I on the other hand rather enjoy this film. After 6 sequels you either like the films or hate them. This was a popcorn flick that made this fan extremely happy.

DISK V: Killer Extras
Friday the 13th Chronicles 8 Part Featurette

This is a great extra. Each film is given 10-15 minutes examining the story, how the film did in the theaters, and even production photos featuring select cast and crew from each film. The cast and crew include Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Corey Feldman, Kane Hodder, Lar Park Lincoln, Betsy Palmer, Tom Savini and directors Sean Cunningham, Tom McLoughlin, Rob Heddon, Joseph Zito and John Carl Buechler.

Secrets Galore Behind The Gore
The great Tom Savini goes through a collection of the murders from Part I and IV. Using a selection of production photos with the clips of the film it is really fascinating to see how Tom created these effects before the use of computers.

In discussing Part I, Tom Savini based Jasonís look on a guy in his neighborhood. In Part IV, Tommy Jarvis slashes Jason in the face and ultimately falling on the machete.

Fans of Tom Savini will love this extra. The make-up effects expert gives a tour of the Tom Savini Effects School.

Tales From the Cutting Room
Not really much here except for a few added seconds from each death scenes in part I and VI. This is shown using a comparison of the final edit of the film with the additional footage. A few unimportant scenes of from part IV are not anything but a true fan would be excited for.

Crystal Lake Victims Tell All
The cast and crew from various films discuss their involvement in the films. Included are interviews with Corey Feldman, Larry Zerner, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Lar Park Lincoln and the directors. The first question out of everybody is How am I going to die?

Original Trailers
The theatrical trailers from all 8 films are included with the exception of Part VI, which is only a teaser trailer. The best trailer is from Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan.

Friday Artifacts and Collectables
This is small featurette showcasing the props and collectables from the different films. The coolest prop is Jason's tombstone from Part VI which the director Tom McLoughlin keeps in his backyard. The most collectable prop however is the many different hockey masks used in the films.

Parting Thoughts
You may notice that two of the films are missing. After the box office failure of Jason Takes Manhattan, Paramount dropped the franchise. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Jason X were released from New Line. We may never get a comprehensive collection with the New Line films, but this is the best collection of the Paramount films to date. Die hard fans will grab this collection right up. I am not the biggest horror fan but I thoroughly enjoyed this set along with a great collection of extras.

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