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Game Waves System
by Zapit

Review by: Lando da Pimp

The press release for the Zapit Game Waves System intrigued me with the subject line selling it as an alternative to the PS3 and Wii. Curious about Game Wave I requested a game unit along with a few games.

Game Wave is an interactive DVD multiplayer game system. While it is not an alternative to hard core gamers I found it a fun multiplayer alternative to board games like Scene it.

The Game Wave system starter pack comes with a Game Wave Player (A unique DVD player), four color-coded remotes, remote case, and the trivia game 4 Degrees: The Arc of Trivia, Vol. 1. With the addition of two more remotes, six people can play at the same time. Additional games are also available for purchase.

Click meSetting up Game Wave is rather easy. The system easily plugs into a television or VCR A/V ports. Each player is given their own remote for head-to-head gaming. This is where Game Wave shines. With each player using their own remote, the system can register how quickly a player answers a question or makes a selection. Much like a game show buzzer. The system also contains an internal memory that records a users name and score. The Game Wave Player also works as a DVD player making the cost of the system seem more practical.

Click meGame Wave system provides games of trivia, card games, history, and word building, however games of trivia are its strength. Rewind 2005, is filled with hundreds of pop culture questions about the year 2005. Most of them very challenging. The games use of video and sound makes it easily the stand out hit of the system. Other games that involve speed and skill are challenging, but I found that I lost interest after a while.

Game Wave is a lot of fun with multiple people and very challenging when it comes to the trivia games. I love the fact that each user has his/her own controller. The system is a bit buggy. I found the open/close button to be less responsive at times. The loading time for the games is also very long.
Game Wave could easily compete with video game systems with a few licensed properties and broader selection of games. Overall the dynamic competition between player is a lot of fun and recommended.

View the Online Demo

You can buy the Game Wave Player from ZAPit Online Store.

All images property of Zapit Games Inc. Article ©2006

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