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Get Rich or Die Tryin
By Lando Da Pimp

The agenda of each of the characters in the film Get Rich or Die Tryin is to make money and get laid. A quality that I can easily identify with, as I too, like to earn income and have sexual relations with the female gender.

Get Rich or Die Tryin is a fascinating, yet extremely predictable story that glamorizes the world of gangster rap. What is fascinating is that we are supposed to root for any of these characters. I found them all to be abhorrent.

The Story
Get Rich utilizes the tired scenario featuring a talented kid with a dream trying to break into show business, thus leaving the streets behind him. What is really sad about this movie is that the audience is supposed to like this character. Most of the film focuses on him earning money by inundating the city with illegal drugs, and eliminating his enemies with no remorse for anything he does. Not everyone enjoys destroying their bodies with drugs, Mr. Cent!

click to seeOrphaned as a child, Marcus (50 Cent, or Fiddy) continues in his mother's lifestyles of distributing controlled substances, ignoring his grandfather's advice to stay off "the streets." His goals in life, besides making money and romancing the girls, are to find the man who killed his mother (who he believes looks like Rick James) and to push his rhymes in front of a larger audience. I guess the latter is intended to be admirable?

Special Features
A short documentary on the making of Get Rich is presented here along with the theatrical trailer.

click to seeOverall
This film is demanding too much of the audience in asking us to feel any sympathy for these characters. I couldn't feel that I could identify with any of them, even though I do enjoy pleasures of indulgence. The only characters you can really feel for are his grandparents. They provide some voice of reason. Even in the end, when the character has broken away from his past he refuses to condemn it. The only people that can enjoy this film will be die hard fans of 50 Cent. The film Hustle and Flow which was a far better film, had a similar story that didn't attempt to make a hero out its main character. Get Rich or Die Tryin should have looked at this film for inspiration. The film was advertised as 50 cent's real life-story. My question is why should we like him? Maybe if the movie stared somebody nice like my home skillet Wayne Brady I could get connect more with the protagonist. This film is certainly not intended for children under the age of 25.

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