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Iron Man on 2 Disc DVD
Reviewed by Mr. Stinkhead

I have a new favorite possession, and it's Iron Man on DVD. I can't stop myself from taking this everywhere I go. Now that I have a portable DVD player, I watch my favorite scenes on the commuter train. (I admit, I was hoping someone would be surprised that I watching Iron Man before the rest of the plebes!, I'm a bastard.) But seriously, I can't stress enough, you can't watch Iron Man too many times. I have watched all or part of Iron Man no less than 4 times this past weekend, and I have an infant. It's not easy to pull off. You can watch Iron Man over and over and over, and it's still nothing short of blowyourshortsoffAWESOME.

The Movie
I saw Iron Man at a midnight viewing, and on a "school night," that's something you really have to plan ahead for. But anyway, I came out of the theater so pumped, I could hardly sleep. Three days later, I found out my brother in law hadn't seen it yet, and it was already Sunday, so I dragged him back to watch it again. Like I said, I have an infant, I can't go to the movies very often at all, but I saw Iron Man twice.

If you haven't seen the movie, here is a quick run down. Robert Downey Jr does an ass-kickingly awesome job as billionaire weapons designer Tony Stark. He's the millionaire playboy that Bruce Wayne wishes he could be. I love watching him in action, with the ladies, and the "toys" a billionaire can afford. He's smooth, but he's an ass. He's the ladies man we all wish we could be (or think that we are, on the inside.) After a life threatening injury in Afghanistan he comes back a new man, someone who wants to destroy weapons, rather than supply them.

I don't want to get all into it, but he builds an amazing suit that can withstand anything, and decides to go and kick some ass. He kick ass against terrorists, machine guns, missile launchers, tanks, fighter jets, and then you get to watch the most amazing robot-suit-fight you've ever seen.

The most amazing aspect of this movie is not the rich character development, the special effects (which will melt your eyes with how awesome they are), or the hilarious dialogue and gut blowing explosions—no—the best part is that absolutely anyone can love this movie. Comic book fans and haters, men and women, young and old, cats and dogs living together... everyone I have talked to not only enjoyed this movie, they really, really liked it.

On top of that, it's ultimately rewatchable. Every time I finish the movie, I keep thinking, I can't wait to watch it again. This is my new desert island movie choice. If I could only watch one movie for the rest of my life, it'll most likely be Iron Man.

The Bonus Features
The package boasts nearly 4 hours of bonus features, and I think I watched them all... on the main disc, with the feature, there are deleted/extended scenes. They add a little bit to the characters and story, but were trimmed for time. The Humvee ambush is exteneded with more action and explosions (and Tony picking up a gun), and you have to watch his come back party in Dubai, that is hilarious. (Why didn't they add some generic party music though? Because it never went to post production, everyone is silently dancing to non existant music.) But those two scenes are great. There are also extensions on his battle with Iron Monger.

Pop in Disc 2 and there are loads more features. I watched the complete "I am Iron Man" seven part making-of documentary. The coolest part about this feature is seeing everyone getting excited about the production. None of them knew how successful it would be at this stage, they were all just jumping in and giving it their all because of how much they loved Iron Man. On a sad note, it's touching to watch the late great Stan Winston (designer of countless movie monsters, like the Predator and T-800) talk about how excited he and his studio were to work on this movie.

On a side note, director Jon Faverau (Mikey from Swingers but more importantly also directed Elf and Zathura) dropped about 75 lbs during pre-production to appear quite slimmer as Happy Hogan (Tony's driver) in the movie. As you watch other pre-production features, you can tell how far along they were in the movie by Jon's size. (Is that a chick thing to notice?)

But you see how they really focused on the suit design, and the materials they used, and the detail in creating everything. It's great seeing some of the wire work to help Tony fly, and the decisions involved with making the movie we watch today, over and over.

Also included are some rehearsal scenes with Jeff Bridges (who is wonderful as Obediah in this movie) I also enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.'s screen test. He literally does the selected scenes exactly as you see them in the final cut. He had it nailed from the minute he saw the script. He's so enjoyable to watch, and I think that's what drives this movie. My wife thinks he's hotter than Batman's Christian Bale anyway.

Speaking of Batman, I compare Iron Man to a fantastic cheeseburger with applewood bacon and cheddar and hickory bbq sauce and a big puffy bun. I could eat one of those every day. Dark Knight is like a expertly sautee'd gourmet steak. So wonderful, yet I need to space out in between viewings. I loved Dark Knight, but it's "heaviness" makes me turn for the fun of Iron Man. And not that Iron Man is just a pop corn movie. The characters are all very rich, and everything is perfectly balanced.

There is also a lengthy expose on the history of the comic book, and it's transition to the screen. I enjoyed watching Stan Lee talk about how he developed Tony Stark.

You can pick up this movie starting tomorrow on, there are also some retailer exclusives in regards to packaging, but none of them like to share this information online. (Hey retailers, You're all stupid, stupid you see! Tell people what you have, and we'll promote it...)

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