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Iron Man Blu-Ray
Review by Lando

For a few months this summer Iron Man was the biggest comic book film this year, before Nolan's The DarK Knight. Everybody predicted that the Dark Knight would be successful, but nobody was sure how Iron Man would perform. Who knew that the first film produced by Marvel Studios, helmed by a director who is known for comedy, and features a star that has a tendency attract a lot of negative press would produce the next comic book franchise. In my opinion the biggest reason for the films success is that the film manages to stay true to its comic origins without tweaking the story to appease the mainstream audiences.

The Story
While demonstrating a new missle weapon in Afghanistan, Tony Stark is captured and wounded by the terrorist group the Ten Ring. His captors force him to assemble a missile for them. Instead Tony creates an armored suit to escape. Returning to the U.S. Stark announces his company will cease producing weapons. Moving the company in a new direction, Stark begins to work on an advanced armored suit. Obadiah Stane, his second in command and friend at Stark industries, has secretly been selling Stark weapons to insurgents. Tony decides then that he will use the Iron Man suit to destroy the arms and stop Stane.

Special Features
Like Transformers, Paramount has loaded the Blu-ray DVD, with an amaxing array of high-def supplemental features:

Hall of Armor - Users can use this interactive learning tool that provides facts and information about each of the different suits including Iron Monger. Each suit can be rotated 360 degrees and examined close up.

The Invincible Iron Man - A fascinating look at the making of the film in six short featurettes. The first part delves into the history of the character with many of the Marvel Studios writers and artists, including the creator Stan Lee.

Deleted/Extended Scenes - Ten deleted scenes include an extended scene with the battle of Iron Monger and Iron Man. The desert ambush scene extended shows that Tony Stark unable to use a gun, and a mansion party that Tony thows. The remaing scenes are small minor extensions that don't really add to the story

I Am Iron Man - A Seven featurettes is a great behind-the-scenes making of the film. The documentry spans the period of six months from principal photography, through post-production with interviews from the cast and crew.

Wired: The Visual Effects of Iron Man - The original ILM test for Iron Man looks at the creative decision behind the look of the suit.

Robert Downey Jr. Screen Test - This feature just proves that Robert is one of the greatest actors of our generation.

The Actor's Process - A feature showing Robert Downey Jr. and Jeff Bridges rehearse a scene from the film.

also included is the spoof The Onion: Wildly Popular Iron Man Trailer to be Adapted Into Full-Length Film, trailers, concept art, tech, unit photography and Posters.


So how does it look?
Amazing. The film is presented in 2.4:1 1080p AVC MPEG-4 and really is phenominal at high-def. The image is crisp and really shows the ILM special effects details that you can't see in the theaters as well. The desert scenes were probably the most impressive scenes. You can see the grains of sand as they walk through the desert. At times Iron Man looks to CG, but this is in very short instances.

I was surprised that Iron Man was as big as it was. I knew it would do well, but I didn't expect the general public to embrace it as much as they did. I have been reading Iron Man since 1987. As a die-hard fan I was glad that the story didn't change all that much. Robert Downey is also the only person in my mind that can ever play Tony Stark. As you can guess I recommend this DVD highly. If you have a Blu-Ray Player then be sure to invest the few extra bucks for the HD version.

Iron Man is available for purchase at

Review ©2008

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