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SpacerClick hereSo you say you just have to get your hands on that new Kaiju Big Battel book, A Practical Guide to City-Crushing Monsters (review) but you don't have the cash flow? Well here's your chance, monster lover. Just answer these 10 questions concerning a few of Kaiju's more noteworthy beasts. The first two people to send the correct answers to get a free copy of the book and some other cool Kaiju swag! Answers will be accepted from Feb 9th through the 16th.

Remember this! All answers can be found in the Bio Section of Good luck!

1. What do Pablo and Pedro Plantain do with their piles and piles of monster wrestling prize money?

a. spend it on wine, women, and song.
b. send it to their homeland to fund the liberation.
c. send it to their parents who are brown and wrinkly.
d. donate it to the "Fruits Have Feelings" fund.

click me2. Unibouzu, seen here bashing Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, used to be a geeky boy. How geeky? Well, his name was...

a. Harold
b. Clarence
c. Hamish
d. Wendel

3. Why doesn't Dino Kang Jr. battel?

a. he's scared.
b. he doesn't meet Kaiju's age requirement.
c. he's recovering from his arm regenerating.
d. he doesn't have to, he's rich.

4. Dr. Cube's first successful beast was...

a. a mix of a trash and human DNA
b. a combination of a black widow, blue jay, and a dandelion
c. a combination of a skunk, monkey, and poison ivy
d. his reanimated dead parents

Click me5. Gomi-Man (seen here scaring the bejeezus out of Louden) was made from trash in which state's dump?

a. New York
b. New Jersey
c. Massachusetts
d. Washington DC

6. Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle is a cold blooded killer! He has gotten this rep by killing...

a. Midori No Kaiju
b. Club Sandwich and Midori No Kaiju
c. Golden Rod
d. Eargernon and Club Sandwich

7. True or False! The wisest of all Kaiju, Dusto Bunny, lays golden eggs.

8. Louden Noxious didn't always call the action in KBB. He used to front the pop-punk band...

a. Tiny Tim and the Crutch Huggers
b. Loud, Louden, Loudest
c. Canned Corn Incident
d. Kick Dog and the Grease Weasels

Click here9. Hell Monkey (seen here stomping on Silver Potato) was called forth from the _____ level of Hell by Dr. Cube.

a. 7th
b. 13th
c. 3rd
d. 666th

Click me10. Mota Naru met his soon-to-be-teammate, Uchu Chu, on which planet?

a. Saturn
b. Mars
c. Mercury
d. Venus

Don't forget to send in your answers to sometime before February 16th.

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All characters and likenesses are copyright Kaiju Studios LLC. Pictures are copyright 2003

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