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Click here to buy Kaiju Big Battel: Terebi Sento
review by: Jager

Score: 9 out of 10

On September 30th, 2003 Studio Kaiju released its first DVD, Terebi Sento. This DVD is packed full of Kaiju Big Battel goodness. Fans of Kaiju have been able to get a Big Battel fix between shows by watching video clips of fights, complaining on message boards, or drawing picture after picture of their favorite monster. Now we have a new and flashier way to ease that jones.

The Battels
The DVD contains four battels; each more important to the Kaiju history than the last. First, there is the epic struggle between Club Sandwich and Kung Fu Chicken Noodle. As you may or may not know, these two have been struggling for lunch room supremacy since they met at a bistro in Boston. Just the fact that we have a huge sandwich duking it out with an almost as large can of soup is reason enough to watch. The battel isn't very fast, but is sure is furious!

The second Battel wasn't planned to be a battel at all. Team Space Bug's Sky Deviler and Mota Naru met with Los Plantanos to find out who would be honored by becoming the winner of the Golden Banana Award. When Dino Kang Jr. tried to give the award to the victorious Plantains, Sky Deviler ripped the trophy from the dinosaur along with the poor beast's arm!! The battel which ensued was not for the weak of heart. Before the two teams would finish pulverizing each other, one team comes undone and the other has to reach into the gullet of an always hungry bug to dig out the award.

The third battel featured three Kaiju going at it at once. American Beetle, Dusto Bunny, and Mung Wun were busy doing what they do best. No, not making muffins, beating the crap outta each other! Well, things are going along fine until Mung Wun falls out of the battel holding her stomach. What happened next was a first in Kaiju History. She lays an egg. American Beetle takes the egg and caresses it as it were his own. But an angry Uchu Chu charged onto the scene claiming the egg was fathered by him. Who is the father of this egg? Will it ever hatch? Could a Kaiju be a floozy?

The final battel is for all the marbles. The Kaiju Championship belt is on the line. Current holder (as of this battel's time) is Uchu Chu. This leader of the Space Bugs is being challenged by Dr. Cube: evil scientist and Burt Bakarack lover. The Dr. would not fight the green beast, instead calling in his minions. Uchu makes quick work of these brainless slugs. But Dr. Cube has been busy in his lab creating new more freakish and powerful minions called Super Minions. These goons are much larger, stronger, and have interesting appendages ranging from tentacles to cinder blocks. These monsters pose quite a threat for Uchu Chu. Not to mention the bounty hunter Super Akuma, and a ladder wielding Cube!

These battels are exciting and you'll find yourself laughing and cheering for your favorites despite yourself.

The quality of the features and menus left me wanting more. The main menu is interactive with images being produced for each of the menu's choices. Very bright, very fun feeling is given. You know you're in for a good time while making your choice. There are only a few special features. For my taste there just aren't enough of these. A little extra polish would have really gone a long way. Where they did add the polish was in the battels themselves. Post production work like giving a glow to Mung Wun's egg, or a sparkle to Dr. Cube's unmasked head are a nice touch.

One Last Thought
This DVD is one of the most fun discs in my collection. It's great to watch to learn a little history your favorite Kaiju monster before from back in the day, and it's equally as fun to pop in your player during a party as some killer eye candy. If you like anime, kung-fu flicks, death defying fight moves, or impossible to reproduce violent fun; Terebi Sento is for you.

You can pick up Terebi Sento from

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We also covered the Philly Factory Fighto, and have interviewed Dr. Cube.

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