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By Jager

Kaijuice is the kind of music you play when you feel like tearing down the city with your bare hands. And I mean that in the best possible way. If you've ever wished you could turn your belt buckle to the left two clicks or push the second button on your watch and turn into a giant beast who can step on your boss, or bat helicopters away like mosquitoes, you should give this disc a spin. Even if you haven't had the same wild fantasies as me; but you have an eclectic taste in your music, you'll dig this. Whether you're tearing up the streets and avenues in your car or jumping around your living room, this CD has a great mix of genres worth checking out.

The idea behind Kaijuice is to pay respect to the Kaiju (Japanese word for monster). These shows and toys have been a staple in Japanese culture for years and have influenced many generations of artists (musically and otherwise). The storm of monsters has officially landed on our shores in full force and the music contained on this two disc set is all about the love of these beasts and the fantasy world they let us escape to. And just as there are many types of Kaiju (from cute to evil), there is a wide selection of musical genres here for your listening pleasure.

Seriously, Kaijuice has quite a range. If you're into punk, you can thrash about your basement to the stylings of Kick in the Pants' Wanna Be Japanese or Switch 3's Tiny to name a couple. Or maybe you rather get nostalgic and listen to Gelatine's acoustic version of the Transformers Theme. Just flip to that track, let the tears fly, and pour some of your '40 to the memory of Optimus Prime. Then soak it back up because he'll come back from the dead anyway! If you rather lip sync along to some hip hop, jump to Styles of Beyond's Your Command with samples from classic anime. There is also ska, hard rock, jazz-fusion, lounge, and electronic. Personally, I like the DJ heavy electronic songs with samples and sounds you can't really hear from a traditional musical instrument. Songs like The Robotic Subwaymen's Go Go Mechabot and Super Cutie Baby Monster's Mothra really hit the spot when I'm cruising to work, or trying to finish an article—like this one!

As stated, Kaijuice is a two disc set with one being labeled Disc One and the other Disc A. This is to not show any hierarchy to the songs, as they both are equal. I thought this was very democratic and hilarious. Quite often on Kaiju toys, the translations on the labels suffer and I felt this was a throwback to that. Very funny. Also, if you pop disc A into your computer, you'll get some super happy fun surprises! There is a Kaiju Big Battel clip for Neo Teppin kicking some serious tail, a Rocketworld origin cartoon, a Mechabot cartoon, and some other surprises like links and band info.

All in all, this is a solid album that truly feels like monster music. The inside of the cover claims that this was made as an audio energy weapon to defend the universe, but honestly Kaijuice has brought more monsters into my house than driven them away, of course they are all my friends.

If you're interested in picking Kaijuice up, head over to their site. It has ordering info (with a Halloween special sale!!), and all the info you could want.

The major contributors who made Kaijuice possible are Super7 Magazine, Rocketworld, Go Hero, Android 8, Optikon Rekords, and Kaiju Big Battel. Check their sites out for great Kaiju goodness including toys, art, t-shirts, actual live monsters, and more.

Article ©2005, images are copyright their original owners.

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