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Kaiju Big Battel's Some Better Fighto
review by: Jager

Click to see!Some Better Fighto! gives Kaiju Big Battel fans what we've been waiting for: Raw, unbridled action without any filler! Gone is the desk commentary from Louden and his nerdy cohort. And while the graphic additions to previous DVDs, like The Shocking Truth, added a cool element to the fightos, the raw bootleg feel of Some Better Fighto! is really sweet. This is Big Battel at its most pure, as you would see it if you went to a live event like the upcoming event on Saturday, March 29th in Rhode Island.

Click to see!Some Better Fighto! truly lives up to its name. This is some of the better fightos in recent history. We have the debut of my new favorite monster Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder who makes not one but two appearances in the ring. There is also pandemonium on the dance floor when Super Wrong takes on the now evil Silver Potato in a dance off (this one ends with a surprise). And there is the confrontation between the Space Pirate Gii and the tried and true (and filthy) hero Dusto Bunny. Not to mention the debut of a Dr. Cube creation that's a mix of toucans and gorillas. You heard me... Plus there are two, count 'em two title batches. Both the tag-team title is on the line and the Championship Big Battel is absolutely insane with at least 10 monsters in the ring at once! I'm trying to give you a feel for this DVD without giving away the winners, here. Believe me when I say that these fightos are really sweet and action packed! There are huge bruisers, fast movers, and high flyers. A really excellent line up.

Click to see!Also, because of its raw quality, don't think this is just some dude with a handycam in the balcony. There are multiple camera angles, and they are edited together to give you the best view of the action. Plus, there are some funny crowd sweeps. That said, there aren't any extras or hidden eggs, but why do you want this DVD? For the carnage!!

Click to see!To hold you over until the end of the month when the Kaiju Monsters overtake Rhode Island, you should really check out this DVD. It's definitely my favorite release from Studio Kaiju because it really captures the feel of going to a live Battel. So if you can't make it to the Battel on the 29th (shame on you!), pick up Some Better Fighto! to see what you're missing.

Tickets are still available for the upcoming Battel, but they're going fast! You better get yours soon! Did I mention this Battel is the RETURN OF THE DANGER CAGE!!!!!?!??!!!

Kaiju Big Battel's web page is loaded with information on the monsters, upcoming events, and lots of great merchandise! Go Fighto!!

You like monsters mayhem, right? Check out our Kaiju Big Battel page for more stuff to read on the monsters.

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