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Judd Apatow's Knocked Up
In theaters June 1st
Review by Tuxxer

8 / 10 Stars

I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of Judd Apatow's latest creation. Just like 40 Year Old Virgin, this flick was completely his baby. It had all the earmarks of quality comedy.

Ben Stone (Seth Rogen), an ambitionless man-child stoner goes clubbing the same night as Alison Scott (Gray's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl), a rising star on the E! Network. Copious amounts of alcohol are the only explanation that Alison would dream of taking this guy home. Seriously.

Eight weeks later, Alison's nausea (in the morning and other times) leads her to suspect her one-night stand had more permanent repercussions. There's the whole premise. Two twenty-somethings try to do the right thing by each other and grow up along the way. Awwww.

The movie lends itself nicely to the idea—you know there's a happy ending on the horizon, it's a RomCom for cryin' out loud. That's not why I wanted to see this movie so much.

The movie's strength (and it is a mighty strength) lies in its casting. Katherine Heigl as the very human Alison Scott is terrific. She doesn't have the funniest lines, but she gives an incredibly real performance as a mother-to-be who is rightfully freaking out. Seth Rogen carries the lead role nicely; making fast friends with Scott's sister and brother in law, played pitch-perfectly by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Rudd delivers a fantastic performance, and Mann as Alison's sister certainly has her moments. (It's okay, we're not supposed to like her anyway.)

The supporting cast is where the real dynamite lies. Apatow has a knack for finding everyone their niche in his movies, and Knocked Up is no exception. Jason Segel (playing a guy named Jason), Jay Baruchel (playing Jay), Jonah Hill (playing Jonah) and Martin Starr (playing Samson...just kidding) provide fantastic comic relief. That's right, the movie's straight-men are all women. Namely Heigl and Mann.

The script is nearly as sharp as 40 Year Old, with one defining difference: maturity. The characters are older, they have (or adopt) responsibilities, and they're better equipped to deal with it.

Cameo appearances by Harold Ramis, Joanna Kerns(!) and Alan Tudyk are fine. Ramis as Stone's father has one of the best lines of the movie: "I've had three divorces. Why did you listen to me?"

Fans of Apatow's previous flicks will not be disappointed. For those not used to him, there's ample foul language and the occasional bit of nudity (sadly, none of it Heigl's). In other words, R-rated for the right reasons.


Click to get tickets from Fandango. I also recommend swinging by the official site where you can play with:

  • The Edit Bay – Watch exclusive restricted clips, hilarious deleted scenes from the “Cutting Room Floor”, and scenes from the cast members previous work in the blockbuster comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin. You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film in Judd Apatow’s personal Director's Video Diaries! Must be 18 to view.
  • Soundtrack: Strange Weirdos! Music from and inspired by the film Knocked Up featuring material by Loudon Wainwright III. Musicians providing stellar support are guitarists Richard Thompson and Greg Leisz and keyboardists Patrick Warren and Van Dyke Parks. This soundtrack debuts in-stores on May 22!
  • Baby Conversion Quiz – Do You Know the True Cost of Parenthood? Take the quiz to find out just how much baby expenses can stack up!

You can also check out Knocked Up on MySpace at:

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