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Mission: Impossible 3
Review by Lando Da Pimp

I have never cared for any of the “Mission: Impossible” films. I found them to be boring and with the case of the second film just god-awful. When the third film arrived in theaters this summer I didn’t care. It wasn’t because Tom Cruise is a nut (he is) its only because the previous films were just horrible. The only possible reason that could get me into the theater was the writer J. J. Abrams. Cruise, and company have finally made a "Mission: Impossible" movie that I enjoyed. Abrams focus on a personal character approach was the right move (Anybody seen LOST?). He made a film worth seeing with characters worth caring about.

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The film starts off with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) being tortured by Owen Davian played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who shines in this film. With a gun pointed at Ethan’s head, Owen demands that Cruise confess where the “Rabbit Foot” is hidden. When Cruise refuses we hear a gunshot cueing the Mission: Impossible theme. From the start I was interested.

After the opening credits we find Cruise has retired and moving on with his life hoping to settle down and get married. He hasn’t completely quit fieldwork as he still trains operatives at the IMF, hiding his real job from his future wife.

When one of the operatives is captured, Ethan is brought back on active duty to rescue her and target a vicious arms dealer named Owen Davian. In a failed attempt to capture and secure detainment of Owen, Cruise realizes that his threats against his wife are real.

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A nice collection of features included spread over two discs. The first disc contains the film along with deleted scenes. A commentary track by Tom Cruise & J.J. Abrams really doesn’t provide anything new or interest.

The second disc contains four documentaries about the making of the film, the action / stunts, visualizing the film, and scoring it. The films trailers are also included with some fun Easter Eggs.

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The film is not perfect by any means. It’s a popcorn flick that is tolerable. The decision to bring J. J. Abrams on board was the right way to go. Mission: Impossible III is far superior to the previous films. Abrams produced a non-stop action with interesting plot developments. M:I 3 is a far cry from the boring first film and confusing, zero plot development of M:I 2.


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