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Nacho Libre
Review by Lando Da Pimp

The biggest problem with Nacho Libre was the scrutinizing of director Jared Hess to repeat with Napoleon Dynamite success and creation of a family film that doesn't rely on crude humor. Ultimately I think he has repeated with another successful film. While most movie goers were looking for the “typical Jack Black” comedy I put that to the side and watched a very strange yet hysterical film that you can easily attribute to Hess.

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Jack Black plays Ignacio a man who needs respect. Working as a cook in a Mexican monastery Igancio decides that he must make money to help feed the children. The plates of refried beans keep them from having solid movements. With no money for good ingredients Ignacio puts on stretchy pants ,and wrestle in disguise as Nacho Libre. While his main focus is to make money for the kids, he secretly hopes to impress the lovely Sister Encarnación and earn the respect of the crowd and fellow wrestlers. Nacho teams with his rail-thin, partner Stephen, a.k.a. Esqueleto (the Skeleton). Together they hope to make money and find a place where they belong.

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A nice collection of features included a commentary track with JackBlack, Jared Hess, and screenwriter Mike White discussing the film, it’s actors, and stories of making the film. Five great featurettes of the making of Nacho Libre are the standouts of the disc. Jack leads the way as he shows the viewer behind the scenes, interviews his fellow co-star Hector Jimenez, and shows you his acting process. Jack, at his finest.

You also have the opportunity to watch Jack sing and prepare his performance of the songs "La Cancion de Ramses" and "La Cancion De Encarnacion” with Jared Hess. Three deleted scenes titled "The Way of the Eagle," "Poem for Ramses," and "Ramses Gets Jumped” are also included.

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For two films now Jared Hess has put together a film that is funny and doesn't rely on crude or vulgar humor. While I normally wouldn't enjoy a comedy that is rated PG-13 or in case of Nacho PG, I laughed my ass off.


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