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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
by Tuxxer

8 out of 10

Avast ye scurvy dogs. Sure 'n ye be wantin' ta know what the final entry in the billion-dollar franchise be like. Whether it be a worthy addition to yer DVD treasure trove? Sure and it is. Sure and it is.

At World's End starts off setting a grimmer tone than its predecessors, no mean feat when said movies feature undead pirates and cursed sea monster sailors. The masterful attention to detail that made the previous movies such visual treats is likewise found here. The special effects are out of this world.

The music is likewise wonderful (and a DVD special feature reviews the work of soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer).

The movie itself feels like a bit much. The various elements such as the side-chatter of pirates Pintel and Raggetti, the antics of Jack the Monkey and the mute pirate's Parrot; seem to be in excess. Too much of a good thing. At two hours and fifty minutes, the flick could have used a bit more trimming.

That said: fans of the series so far will not be disappointed. Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom gaze longingly at each other, Geoffrey Rush's Barbossa is as much of a ham as ever; and the ever-resourceful Captain Jack Sparrow doesn't disappoint. One of my favorites, Davy Jones, remains a solid cornerstone of the pirate world. Yarrr.

Now: the DVD is jam-packed with extra features. Deleted Scenes, Bloopers, Behind-the-scenes featurettes (like his time in limbo with multiple Jacks), the works. Also to be found are segments highlighting the work of the various design masterminds: Costumes, Set, the Cursed Pirates, and the too-cool-for-words Map of Sao Feng.

Anyone familiar with the series will find something to like in At World's End. It's well worth your time. (And be sure to watch through the credits...)

Mr. Stinkhead says kudos for sticking in two jokes at the expense of Keira Knightly's vagina within the first 20 minutes. Impressive.

At World's End is available on DVD on December 8th from

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