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Star Trek: First Contact on DVD
Review by Lando da Pimp

For the past two years Paramount has been re-releasing the Star Trek movies giving them the special edition treatment. Its now the Next Generation's turn with Star Trek First Contact, the eighth Star Trek film and in my opinion, the best.

After the disappointing Star Trek Generations, the even / odd theory held true. First Contact became a monster hit and gave the franchise a needed boost. This was the first time that a Star Trek film did not feature any member of the Original Series and proved that Star Trek was more than just Kirk and Spock.

Click to see!The film opens with Captain Picard still feeling the effects of his assimilation years ago by the Borg in the TNG episodes "Best of Both Worlds." When the Borg attack Earth, Starfleet is worried that Picard is an unacceptable risk and sidelines the newly constructed Enterprise E. Disobeying orders, the Enterprise helps stop the Borg cube from reaching Earth but can't stop the Borg sphere that escapes. The Borg travel back to the year 2063, days before First Contact.

Click to see!The Enterprise follows the sphere back in time and before it can destroy the vessel, the Borg cause destruction on the surface. When the crew beam down they discover that the Borg were attempting to stop Dr. Zefram Cochrane from flying his Warp ship, preventing first contact with extra-terrestrial life. However the Borg were not completely destroyed and transported aboard the Enterprise.

Click to see!When the crew attempts to destroy the Borg on board, Data is captured and held by the Borg Queen who attempts to assimilate him. The Enterprise and its crew must allow Zefram Cochrane to fly his warp ship while battling the Borg to save the future.

Click to see!Special Features
Compared to some of the previous special editions, First Contact contains pretty weak features. A series of "Making of" documentaries is nothing but interviews with the cast and crew of the film. The only real interesting feature is the behind-the-scenes footage of filming in the missile silo. Other features include a tribute to the late Jerry Goldsmith and the two trailers.

I know of a number of scenes that were filmed and cut that would be a great addition to this disc and feel cheated that the "Special Editions" do not include everything available.

Click to see!Overall
This is a huge improvement over the previous DVD release, which contained no special features. I am not sure why Paramount would not include deleted scenes and additional footage for one of the more popular Star Trek films.

The great thing about First Contact is that it is a film that anybody can watch and enjoy without ever watching the show. The film is a funny, adventurous, and lively film that I enjoy and watch on a regular basis. The story is great, the effects are amazing, and Goldsmith's score is one of his best.

Star Trek: First Contact is available to buy from

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