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Star Trek Nemesis on DVD
Review by Lando da Pimp

Nemesis came out on DVD Tuesday. Here is the lowdown:

Star Trek Nemesis is the tenth (yes 10th) Star Trek movie. It is the fourth for the Next Generation cast. The movie has a dual storyline where Jean Luc Picard and Data battle their greatest nemesis, themselves. The movie has a faux-Star Trek II ending, leaving the question of what is next? Nemesis was titled the last adventure for the Next Generation cast. Story-wise, the movie wraps things up fairly well. Nemesis is not the best Star Trek movie (that falls to either Star Trek II or First Contact) but it gives Trekkies and Trekkers alike a taste of the Next Generation.

Nemesis tanked at the box office. Why? I believe that Nemesis came out at a bad time. Nemesis came out between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Two of the biggest movies of the year 2002. The movie didn't suck either. Why the Trek backlash? Nemesis is a fine movie that is surely better than The Final Frontier, The Motion Picture, and even Insurrection. Personally I believe it has become the "in" thing for reviewers to put down sequels.

The DVD transfer is presented here in its original 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio and anamorphically encoded. This is one of the best transfers since Star Wars Episode II. Being a dark movie it brings out all of the colors with great texture. The Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track is as good as the video transfer. Using your sound system with this movie will let you hear everything.

The extras on this DVD are top notch. First up we have Four movie features. Included is a two-part interview with Stuart Baird where we learn why he was hired to give Star Trek a needed change. We also get commentary from the cast about the movie with set stories and the basic kissing of ass to the director, writers, and fellow castmates.

Baird also included 7 deleted scenes over 20 minutes long. Each scene is accompanied by introductions from Baird, Rick Berman, and Patrick Stewart.

Other extras included are a director commentary and a still gallery with about 30 drawings and sketches. My only question is where are the trailers? The trailers were very good and got a lot of people excited to see the movie.

Nemesis may not be the greatest Trek movie, but compared to other Trek movies released on DVD, this is one of the best. With a great transfer and soundtrack Nemesis delivers. If this is the last TNG trek film I am satisfied. However if Paramount wants a suggestion I think its time we find out what is going on with the DS9 cast. Perhaps Star Trek 11: The Search for Sisco?

Lando da Pimp
Lets get some nachos up here in this humpty bumpty

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