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Click to see!Interview with Scott Tolleson of StolleArt
interview by jager

Scott Tolleson is a busy guy. Not only does he work on various projects for the Mouse House, he runs StolleArt Studios where you can find illustrations of characterized women of the hottest kind. And now he's dropping a resin statue based on one of his illustrations, Tricycle Terror. Scott took some time from his busy schedule to chat with me about his upcoming statue, and how it came about. First off, tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

Tolleson: Well, I'm a bit of a boring person with too many interests to count. I'm into animation, toys, videogames, art, and of course toys. I've been at the Walt Disney Corp. for almost 10 yrs as a digital artist/graphic designer.

MPb: How did this help you create collectible sculptures like Tricycle Terror?

Click to see!Tolleson: My interest in designer toys, vinyl, statues, etc. inspired me to go into the business and self-produce pieces that I love and think others would love as well. I also love the process of seeing my 2D ideas become 3D.

MPb: Where did the idea for Tricycle Terror come from? Is she part of a larger story, or just a great image not tied to anything?

Tolleson: Nowhere in particular, I guess. I just got the idea one day to do the illustration as well as others on toys that I had in my childhood.

MPb: When I look at the prototype of the vixen, I get a feeling of Betty Page meets Warner Bros. What influences your work?

Tolleson: I have such a wide range of influences. Some that instantly come to mind are Gil Elvgren, Bill Ward, Gerry Anderson, Dean Yeagle, Shane Glines, Frank Cho, Peter De Seve, Bill Presing, Walt Disney, Ward Kimball, Marc Davis, Chris Sanders, Will Elder, Rankin and Bass... Sheesh I know I'm forgetting a ton of 'em.

Click to see!MPb: What drew you to Tricycle Terror as a sculpture more than your other characters?

Tolleson: I did a t-shirt with the graphic on it and sold them pretty well. She was a fun illustration with so much movement and life so I figured I'd give her a shot as a statue.

MPb: Can you tell us a little about the process of creating the sculpture? How active were you in the process of sculpting and paint choices?

Tolleson: To prepare I did turn-arounds and detailed drawings of the illustration. Then I handed them off to the prototype company who built the model in Maya. After many sessions of building and tweaking, the final model was printed out in a resin. The resin was then cast many times over and a paint master was made from one of the casts along with tooling parts. After all that was done, the piece was sent to China where it is currently being produced. With this statue, I've been involved pretty much every step of the way, which is a lot of fun for me.

MPb: Why did you decide to go with a poly-resin sculpture instead of a vinyl toy?

Tolleson: The material seemed to choose itself. I entertained the idea of making her vinyl but because of all the undercuts and tight crevices, I had to go with poly-resin. In the end, I like the idea of her being made of poly-resin.

Click to see!MPb: I'd love to see a line of vixens in schoolyard type hi-jinxes. Please tell me this is the first of a series.

Tolleson: It's funny you mention "hi-jinx" since the second girl in the Dirty Detention Girls line (my other series of statues) is Danni Jinx. She is currently being sculpted and I should have a prototype available by June of this year. To answer your question, Tricycle Terror is the first of a planned series.I'm currently trying to decide which illustration should be next. I have it narrowed down to two...

MPb: Sounds great! When can we expect to see Tricycle Terror in stores, and how limited will she be?

Tolleson: Tricycle Terror will be available in early April. She will be limited to a run of 450. I will also have an alternate paint scheme, which will be grayscale that will be limited to 50 pieces. In some ways, I like the alternate more.

MPb: Do you collect toys? Are there any artists or types of toys you just can't turn down?

Tolleson: Oh, man do I? Toys are my obsession and when I see something I want I can't put it back for later. Once I have it, it's mine! Let's see, I collect Star Wars, vinyl toys, Transformers, superheroes… I recently picked up the bunch of Joe Ledbetter's Finder Keepers blind box toys. I friggin' love these guys.

MPb: I had to get a case of those too! Well, thanks for taking time to talk with us. We look forward to more information on Tricycle Terror and other sculptures from you!

Check out Scott's web site, for a gander at some fine looking illustrations! If you dig this, you should check out our Designer Toy page chock full of goodness!

*Please note, the images shown are prototypes and are subject to change.*

This article is ©2008 and may not be reprinted without permission.

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