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Star Trek
The Original Series Season 2
Review by Lando da Pimp

Star Trek The Original Series single-handedly launched science fiction on television. Nobody can deny Gene Roddenberry's originality and imaginative concepts and themes. Star Trek gave a positive look at the world during a time of war and segregation. Star Trek became a way for people to escape.

Compared to the look of the other Star Trek series, the original series is very cheesy looking. Most fans look past this aspect for one reason, the storytelling.

The Episodes
The Original Series had great original stories that gave great life lessons. Season two contains some of the greatest Original Series episodes.

The first episode of season two Amok Time, gives us the first look at the mysterious Vulcan ritual of Pon Farr, the boiling of the Vulcan blood forcing Vulcans to mate every seven years. Spock's strange behavior leads Kirk to disobey Starfleet orders to travel to Vulcan for his friend. Kirk later is forced to fight Spock because of Spock's future wives scheming.

The idea for Star Trek: The Motion Picture is foreshadowed with the episode The Changeling. An old Earth space probe, NOMAD, was reprogrammed by and advanced alien civilization to rid space of in-perfection. This is also a reoccurring theme with the Borg.

Mirror, Mirror gives us the first look at the idea of alternative realities. Kirk, Bones, Scotty, and Uhura are switched with their evil counterparts from a different reality in a transporter accident. The good Enterprise crew find themselves stuck in a chaotic universe where the word trust has no meaning. Evil Spock (Portrayed as Spock with a goatee) figures out the truth and aids Kirk and party back to their own universe.

Click to see!Probably the most popular episode The Trouble with Tribbles gives us a great look at not only the Tribbles but also a great confrontation with the Klingons (guys with goatees). This is a hilarious episode at times giving the life lesson on environmental responsibility. It's also very interesting to compare this episode to the Deep Space Nine episode Trials And Tribble-Ations in which Sisko and crew travel back to stop the assassination of Captain Kirk.

The season's last episode Assignment: Earth is my favorite episode of the season. Connecting Star Trek to our real history, the Enterprise is sent back in time to the year 1968 to the planet Earth to find out how the arms race was survived. While monitoring Earth, the ship intercepts a transporter beam with a traveler headed for Earth. Kirk must then decide to trust the traveler to interfere with Earth history or stop him. This episode also stars a very hot young Teri Garr.

Click to see!The DVD
When I first saw pictures of the casing for the DVD I wasn't sure about it. I am a purist, I like all my DVD's cases to be the same height and fit well together on the shelf. Ok maybe its just me being anal. However this is a Star Trek and the retro looking case makes this set stand out from the other Star Trek series sets. It feels appropriate.

The extras contain a nice retrospective with the original series cast with the exception of James Doohan and the late Deforest Kelly. Also providing memories of the show are a few of the former writers, art directors, and producers. Nothing is really revealed that most fans of the show wouldn't know, but it is very enjoyable to listen to the cast's take on the season.

Parting Thoughts
Season 2 is a great collection of Star Trek stories. I am also glad that we finally have them all in one complete set instead of separate DVD's. Whether you like Star Trek TNG, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise it all started with The Original Series. The look of the show may be dated, but the stories and morals are still fresh

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