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Click to see!Spacer SuperGenius' Slice
by R Hunter

Millionaire Playboy's R Hunter left a pie to cool on the window and sure enough crazy drifter Morgan Phillips AKA SuperGenius was there, diggin' in. Some know this NYC artist for his crazy Star Wars breakbeat CDs, other for his twisted art shows with warped takes on familiar Star Wars characters. Super Genius or Suckadelic poser? You decide. So, who the hell are you? And how did you get in here? I thought I locked the window!

Supergenius: My name is Morgan Phillips-Supergenius. (AKA Morgrock, the Necromancer, MorgLord, Sucklord 666 etc.) I am just another asshole from New York, trying to get over on some art hustle.

MPb: What is your purpose in life?

SG: To self-actualize. To express myself at the highest degree possible.

MPb: Why use Star Wars out of all the other popular topics? Why not My Little Pony?

SG: Well I do fuck around with other things. I got Micronauts and He-Man stuff in the pipes. I make up my own characters; I even mess around with Fisher Price and playmobil. But I guess I am most known for my Star Wars art and music. I guess because SW was one of the biggest things in my life and I've always come back to it as a reference. So much of my moral and aesthetic universe is based on the formative experience of watching SW and buying into the whole fantasy. The fact that SW is still going and growing during my adulthood, it really is the glue and yardstick of my life, not to mention that its so rich with ideas, and designs, and environments, and creatures, and mythology, that it is really natural to incorporate that into an artistic means of expression.

Click to see!MPb: Are you skilled in any other mediums besides toys?

SG: At the risk of sounding full of shit, I am good at a lot of stuff. I play bass and perform in a band. I make tracks and record and my own music productions. I've done voice over work for video games. I do display and merchandising for Hasbro, I used to write copy and trivia for Star Wars calendars. I also have done costuming and theatrics for Lords of the Rhymes. I build lowrider bicycles. I'm also into photography and graphic design. What an asshole.

MPb: What figures are you collecting now?

Click to see!SG: Not really buying shit right now toy wise. Too expensive. I got those bounty hunter kubricks which are dope. (they don't really hold their guns too well.) I got those free. I got that Green Goblin Mini-mate. That is nice. The poseability is top notch. I also bought that gold Acroyear, love that. The other thing I got was a vintage black smurf.

MPb: Who or what do you list as your influences?

SG: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Ralph Bakshi, Wacky Packs, Micronauts, He-Man, Japanese Porn, LSD, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones, Beastie Boys, NYC Grafitti, Chinatown, All the Girls around the World, LA, Eugene and Portland, Oregon, Atari 2600, Dungeons and Dragons, Fantastic Planet, Hieronymus Bosch, a bunch of other stuff.

MPb: If you look at how comic books were regarded 10 years ago and how they are now, could toys be on a similar path? Do you feel that the action figure subculture is permanently a niche or that it will grow into a more sociably respected form of entertainment?

SG: I don't know. Yeah, I guess. I don't really know how to answer that cuz I kinda live in my own world in some ways, and I know really know what's going on with comics. People of all ages have always been into toys as long as I can remember. I think it too early to tell what the hell is really going on.

Click to see!MPb: Rumor has it there is an X-rated version of the "Leias around the world"photo shot. Any comment?

SG: Yeah, they exist, but they're not that good. Out of focus and not great sets, more of an after-hours personal thing. Those will never be made public. But you will see more of this kind of stuff from me in the future. I like taking sexy pictures, It won't be Star Wars, but I have ambitions to do some type of spacey fantasy porn with special effects and all that. That will be further down the line. There will be more softcore coming, tho, always.

Click to see!MPb: Where can we expect to see Suckadelic in the future?

SG: I want to keep going in the same direction, but larger scale. Wider distribution of my records and toy products. Greater volume of production, more girls in the mix, TV show, do some consulting. Get more exposure, a storefront, Like that.

MPb: You seem to get the chicks (albeit leia impersonators), Is there hope for the lonely nerds out there? What advice do you have to give?

Click to see!SG: I have a lot to say on this topic. I always hated that stereotype of the SCI-FI geek that's still a virgin and lives in his mom's basement. I've been around this culture all my life and I've never really seen that type of person in the majority. At Star Wars Celebration I meet a lot of funny, creative, outgoing, party people who were hooking up like mad. There are just as many alienated anti-social obsessed geeks who are into sports or work on Wall Street, so I really don't see nerd culture as any different. As Lewis said to Betty Childs in ROTN (ed note: Revenge of the Nerds ....fer shame if you didn't know!) after he fucked her in his Darth Vader costume and she asked him why he was so good in bed, he said "because all jocks ever think about is sports, all nerds ever think about is sex." Nuff said.

Click to see!My advice? Well I'm not an expert and I have my dry spells, but there's no secret to getting girls. If you're nice and funny and confident, If you're passionate about what you're into and not embarassed about who you are, if you have a little bit of style and you bathe regularly, brush your teeth and have a little bit of spending money in your pocket, you can get girls. Stop being such a pussy and feeling sorry for yourself, go after the ones that are nice and seem to like you, stop sweating those wack supemodels and just go after normal girls that are within your measure. Just be yourself, so what if I like comic books? You don't like my toy collection? Fuck you.

MPb: Finally: Millionaire or Playboy?

SG: One in the same, baby.

You can see Morgan's work at and the upcoming SubCultures Art Show at the Wheeler Gallery in Fort Lauderdale. Stand tuned to MPb for more info.

Check out this picture R Hunter drew of Morgan.

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