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Superman Returns Soundtrack
Composed by John Ottman
Reviewed by Lando da Pimp
4.5 out of 5

The movie Batman Begins released last year revitalized the Batman franchise. While the film was successful and a wonderful retelling of the Dark Knight I found the music score bland and dull. Gone were Danny Elfman’s signature dark theme used in the previous Batman films and Animated Series. His theme became instant recognizable with Batman leaving Batman Begins music hard to accept.

Imagine my worries when Superman Returns finally began production with the thought that the more iconic John Williams 1978 Superman score could also be tossed aside.

A few months ago Singer and composer John Ottman released the news that they would utilize elements of John Williams Superman score. As a fan of John Williams I rejoiced. Now that I have listened to the score I am even happier and more excited for Superman Returns.

If Superman is as successful as I believe it will be it is only because Bryan Singer and John Ottman embraced the Richard Donner Superman film. Ottman, a fan of Williams Superman score, features Williams music prominently mixing well with the new score. Williams infamous main Superman theme opens the album along with the love theme and Kent Farm theme introduced 28 years ago. Newly introduced is a theme for Lex Luthor that adds strength to back Kevin Spacey's portrayal of the villain. A far different feeling than Williams “March of the Villians’ which catered more to Lex’s henchman Otis.

John Ottman took a step back allowing John Williams Superman themes to continue to live and represent the man of steel. While the majority of the album tilts in favor of Ottman's new original material it delivers the splendor and triumph needed to accompany John Williams original material. The verdict? John Ottman achieved the same goal Williams did in 1978: believe that a man can fly.

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