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The Good Shepherd
Review by Tuxxer

8.5 out of 10

I generally don't go in for spy thrillers; although in the last year I've started to come around. Breach was one, The Good Shepherd was another.

**Minor Spoilers below**

Matt Damon is Edward Wilson, a man whose life is constantly shifted not by his choices, but by his circumstances. (For instance— he has feelings for one girl, but gets another woman pregnant following a one-night stand. He "does the right thing" and marries the mother of his child-to-be.) In other cases, he's told to go somewhere, and do something. Whether he wants to do it or not, (he rarely shows feeling one way or the other) he gets the job done.

Angelina Jolie plays Wilson's eventual wife. She plays the part well, but doesn't make it her own. More evocative, and more convincing, are William Hurt as Wilson's paternal superior in the line of duty, and Eddie Redmayne as Wilson's son.

The movie is powerful. It has strong themes of family obligation, compared to equal ties one would have as a direct servant of one's government. They frequently oppose one another and more often than not, Uncle Sam comes out on top.

I'll be up front about it, the move suffered from pacing issues. At 2.75 hours, it's a long flick that makes you feel like it. Still, given the subject matter and the fact that sometimes, plot takes time, it was more than compensated. I still recommend it highly. There arent' any bonus features aside from some deleted scenes.

Turn off the lights, lock the doors, and pop in The Good Shepherd. You won't be disappointed.

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