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The Jerk: 26th Anniversary

Review by Tuxxer

6.5 out of 10

Time can be a harsh mistress. Fruit doesn't keep like one hopes it would. Some things, like a fine wine, improve with age. Certain cheeses do the same. Other things, like Styrofoam, don't change in the slightest and look exactly the same when you come across them decades later.

The Jerk is kinda like Styrofoam in that respect.

Don't get me wrong, I do like this movie. Mr. Stinkhead and I are great Steve Martin fans, and to see The Jerk restored and put back in Widescreen where it belongs was a sight to behold. The movie's comedy isn't dated (unlike many other flicks from the 70's), and Martin and his co-star, Bernadette Peters, have great chemistry together. The best part is, just when the joke is getting old that Navin Johnson is a complete moron; the movie's over! It raps up at an hour and a half.

The movie's good. Not great, but good. The problem is with the extra features. Skip 'em. Unless you want a Ukulele lesson on how to play "Tonight You Belong To Me" or watch the original trailer, there's no reason the DVD should stay in your player past the credits. The so-called "Lost Filmstrips of Father Carlos Las Vegas de Cordova" are a waste of your time. It was worth a 5-second gag in the actual movie, when Father Carlos was being played by Martin himself. It is not worth watching an imposter try similar one-note gags for two minutes.

Die-hard fans of Steve Martin should add The Jerk to their collection, so that future generations can be introduced to Martin's comedic brilliance. But if, years from now, your kids ask to see the rest of the DVD's features, just have them go mow the lawn or something.

Mr. Stinkhead would like to give them props for producing original content for a 26 year old movie.

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