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The Ten
review by Tuxxer

10 out of 10

There are stories for the ages. There are parables that will touch your heart and leave you changed for life. The Ten is not one of those stories. It's ten of them. Uh huh. That's right. It's that incredible.

Let me establish something up front. This movie is not for the faint of heart, or folks that expect any aspect of the material to be taken seriously. At all. It's absurd. Absurdly brilliant.

Why heap ludicrous praise on a film that ensures everyone involved in it a one-way ticket to hell for the sin of sacrilege? For starters, it was written by Ken Marino and David Wain from MTV's The State. These guys could be background filler and make a movie funny. The fact that they're behind every facet of this movie? (Wain directed it as well.) Only makes it better.

The flick is hosted by Paul Rudd, who has earned his can-do-no-wrong status. He introduces each short story based on one of the Commandments. He also lives with the pair of giant stone tablets. Forced to move at one point into a smaller apartment... he must accommodate the pair of giant stone tablets.

It's anyone's guess how a movie this ridiculous attracted so many A-list stars. This movie is packed with stars who are clearly enjoying themselves. X-Men's Famke Janssen. Gretchen Mol. Winona Ryder. Liev friggin' Schreiber. Actors at the peak of their craft (and smokin' hotties like Jessica Alba) take the material and make it into comedy gold. Several alumni from The State also star, and they haven't lost an inch of their game.

If that's not enough, enjoy the special features. Plenty of additional scenes and outtakes. Hell, the trailer is a treat in and of itself.

Any movie that includes romance with a ventriloquist dummy, lethal practical jokes during surgery, and a one-legged Mexican rickshaw driver within the same 100 minutes has its act together. An act you should catch as soon as possible.

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