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Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition
By Lando Da Pimp and Mr. Stinkhead

Of all the movies starring SNL alums, Tommy Boy is by far the best. The chemistry between David Spade and Chris Farley made them a great comedy duo just like Aykroyd and Belushi, Abbott and Costello, or Laurel and Hardy. After 10 years, Paramount has finally given Tommy Boy the special edition it deserves with the two-disc Holy Schnike Edition.

The Story After seven years of college Tommy Callahan (Chris Farley) finally graduates and returns to his Ohio hometown to work in his father's Callahan Auto Parts factory. When Tommy Boy arrives, his dad, Big Tom Callahan has two surprises waiting for him. The first was a new brake pad division of the factory and the second surprise was introducing him to Beverly, his soon-to-be stepmother, and his new brother Paul (brothers gotta hug).

Click for biggerWhen Big Tom dies of a heart attack at the wedding, the factory threatens to go under unless the new brake pad division is launched. With the help of his fathers assistant Richard (David Spade), the two go on the road to sell the brake pads needed to repay the bank loan and keep the town from going under.

Click for biggerSpecial Features
Four making-of documentaries detail how Tommy Boy came about, and the relationship between Spade and Farley. It's here where we get to see and remember the greatness of Chris Farley with numerous behind- the-scenes footage. The anecdotes from Chris's two brothers were actually touching, and it was nice seeing family photos of Chris growing up.

Click for biggerDeleted scenes are a welcome inclusion and make you wonder why these scenes were cut. Extended cuts and alternative takes provide different takes on some of the funniest scenes.

Other features included are feature-length commentary from director Peter Segal, storyboard comparisons, television spots, photo gallery, trailers, and a hilarious gag reel. Look for easter eggs of additional gag real clips!

Click for biggerOverall
Tommy Boy is easily part of my top ten comedies of all time. I know most of us at feel the same. It's hard to believe that this film is ten years old already. Mr. Stinkhead adds that this is one of the only films he would take on a desert island (one that had electricity of course). This film can be watched as many consecutive times as you wish, without diminishing your enjoyment. I watched it once last night, and then a second time with the commentary. Ooh I need to add that the new packaging with flip-out map of their adventure is also pretty sweet.

Click for biggerThankfully the DVD doesn't really dwell upon the death of Farley, but emphasizes the greatness of his comedic nature. Sure we have plenty of Spade/Farley moments from SNL and Black Sheep; but there is something about Tommy Boy that is just fat-guy-in-a-little-coat perfect.

Click for biggerThis is a wonderful DVD for any Farley fan. The special features provide great behind-the-scenes moments of Chris that thankfully, have finally been released.

You better pray to the God-of-Skinny-Punks that you can sell your old copy of regular Tommy Boy on eBay.

Click for biggerDo you have the SNL Disc, The Best of Chris Farley? You're going to want to get that now too. My favorite clip is when he's playing Dom DeLouise in an old Johnny Carson skit, no wait, my favorite is El Nino, no... it's the Chippendales one. No, Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker... dammit.

Check out the Tommy Boy Soundboard! Sweet!

Tommy Boy is available on DVD today! You can buy it from

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